Sunglasses for Everyday

The sunglasses offer style, comfort and protection to your eyes. Pay attention to the importance of making daily use of this accessory and is updated in time to choose your model.

The sunglasses make people beautiful, especially when the visual is spotless and, of course, contributes to the health and protection of the eyes. The sunglasses have become synonymous with modernity and luxury.

When To Use

This accessory can be used on cold days as well, since they confer enhanced protection, compared to any other time of year. Besides, people should be more concerned with wearing sunglasses in the winter, because it is in this period that the thermal inversions and pollution increase malignant rays, responsible for major eye problems.

In places where the climate is tropical, where the Sun is intense throughout the year is decisive point guard against the excesses of luminosity. The ultraviolet radiation causes the formation of cataracts and macular degeneration.

It turns out that the amount of radiation that we receive throughout their lives will causing small changes in proteins and tissue. When you get older, these changes can turn into disease.
Solar glasses must be used during all hours of the day is exposed to solar radiation.

It is extremely important to use sunglasses daily, there are 3 types of ultraviolet rays, UVA, UVB, UVC, all invisible, but each has your degree of dangerousness, the UVC is as harmless as it is absorbed by the ozone layer before you reach us , the GRAPE is currently under study for verifying your degree of danger, since the RADIUS UVB is the most dangerous, this is the RADIUS that burns our skin when we are exposed to the Sun, the same will occur if you do not use glasses in exhibitions. Time to buy your sunglasses, make sure that it has protection against these rays, the ideal would be a 98% protection, but if you have at least 70% of blocking is a good level of protection.

Care Of Your Glasses

Glasses without proper protection, or is of poor quality, the pupil is not close and receive four times more radiation than we would get without them. So the poor quality sunglasses, or those that are not original further impair sight than not wearing sunglasses, instead, good quality lenses have on your composition metals or chemicals that interact and absorb the radiation so they’re more expensive.

The warranty certificate must be included when buying your glasses, so you will have quality assurance and health for your vision!

In the market you will find the more differentiated models of glasses to choose what most suits the shape of your face. Before buying your try several models and choose the one that most match the shape of your face and your style. Check out a few models of sunglasses at