Summer Shirt – Variety with Short Sleeves

Summer is approaching with great strides.It is time to ban the warming garments into the back corners of the wardrobe and provide fresh wind. Bermudas and T-shirts are now a favorite piece of clothing, but there is even more choice to help you get a good change: A must for every stylish sunbather are summery shirts.

While in the office, emphasis is often placed on restraint in terms of color, you can also appear somewhat more colorful during leisure time.Red, blue or colorful patterned – the color spectrum is not limited this year.A long-lasting burnout in summer shirts is, by the way, the check pattern. Whether with large or small squares, two-color or knallbunt: You are right in any case.

With colors and patterns through the summer

What exactly distinguishes a summer shirt from a classic shirt?First of all the arm length: while classic business shirts cover the entire arms, a summer shirt can be short sleeved.An alternative, by the way, are casual jeans shirts, which are rolled up by the arm.Another great difference are the colors.The summer shirt is as colorful as the summer itself. Instead of the white, striped or checkered plaid in subtle pastel colors, this summer shirt is as colorful as the summer itself. You can choose the checkered trend this year, but also flowery Hawaii shirts or shirts in striking, strong colors are wonderful alternatives .The material is also typical: the thin cotton shirts provide a feeling of airy freedom in the summer.

Collar is not the same collar

Like the classic shirt, the casual version of this garment has a huge variety in terms of collar. Many shirts are equipped this summer with the so-called Kent collar. This widespread collar shape is recognizable by its medium height and medium tip.This was the first design in the 1930s: the first Duke of Kent was given the task of developing a collar shape that would allow him to wear a large necktie knot without feeling the air was pinched .A popular alternative to the Kent collar is the button-down collar.This is also often found in summer shirts, and is distinguished by the absence of the collar bar and by buttons, which attach the tip of the collar to the shirt breast.

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