Summer Fashion For Fatties

Increasingly the fashion proves that is democratic. Before the above sizes 46 were restricted to spare parts, without a lot of structure, with little creative prints, now that reality is quite different. 

Designers and brands are looking at this market and make exclusive pieces for chubby women. The spring/summer season was presented at the second edition of Fashion Weekend Plus Size, event held in São Paulo this weekend and organized by Renata Poskus models and Andrea Boschim.

“We noticed more investment on the part of clothing in this segment GG. Some participating brands, like Loony Jeans and Dardak, for example, are manufacturers of smaller sizes, but are investing in technology for more “points.

Rookie on the catwalk of FWPS, the first collection of the brand La Erin bet in a summer withtranspassados dresseswith marked waist studs at the shoulders and along the pieces, with inspiration in the navy and military styles. As Mariana Varuzzi, designers create Gandolfo parts from the number 48. “We have reduced and we modeling, always concerned with the proportion and fit perfect. We asked them what they would like to show and hide, just make the necessary adjustments, “explains one of the creators of the brand.

Already the cearense Eveiza, who eight years ago dresses plus size women, seeking inspiration in London, Paris and Milan. “Before you create the collections we were hitting leg to see what’s on the streets outside, women who wear large sizes or not. We got here and we adapt to GG “, explains the designer Eveline Albuquerque. Next summer, she picked prints and nautical details, ruffles and light dresses with movement, some with exclusive prints and always in fabrics with elastane to give more comfort and shape the body. “From the number 50 do nothing without sleeve. All parts are for use with a bra, says the designer, who also invests on stripes of different shapes and modeling more dry. She believes that fatties can Yes use them if the pieces are well planned.


Mara Machado, of Exuberance, which is in Santa Catarina and has several representatives throughout Brazil, also opted for the navy with a light touch of romanticism-with integrated accessories parts, by the way an option more women fatties like enough.

According to the designer, the idea is to bring to the hottest days marked waists and parts a little more adjusted. “I chose the theme Divas and brought enough femininity. This year I bet in stripes and overalls, it was a request of them, “says Mara who works until the number 52. During the interview for the Village Fashion, she told of the lack of plus size models on the market, however, she says it’s something growing in the South of the country and CITES Sierascky Jovianny, 27, as one of the highlights.

As well as Manhas Russi, she began by chance, when a colleague took pictures that were later stopped at an agency. After that several works began to appear, first for knitting catalogs, then evidence of clothes. After some months, his career was so successful that she abandoned the interior design work to participate in campaigns and parades in Sao Paulo.

“There was a job in the city of Blumenau, because just when I was modeling. In the State capital also received several offers and so I decided to move here permanently. This month, for example, have been more than 10 jobs. In a daily parade get to win R$1500. Fittings, for example, R $150, “says the model wears size 48 and has participated in the first edition of FWPS.Jovianny, which makes medical examinations periodically and practice physical activity, believes that your body more proportional is the reason she was called for several works.

During FWPS, Viviane George, the Flight Level, also presented the navy and trend still used the re-reading of pin ups. “We believe that plus size shouldn’t be lame, so beware of silhouette and the trim that adds value to our client. We work with, which is very good, because the fabric’s elasticity, unlike fabric plan that limits us greatly in the construction of a play, “he explains. The designer used color chart the nuances of blue tones to remember the coolness of the locker room. Viviane does even the collections number G3 and uses the opinion of their own customers in your creative process.

Ever Shine showed pieces for the fatties who love prints. Fluid blouses with different prints, some abstract, inspired by animals or in floral, in addition to the PoA. On the color chart, neutral tones and earthy, nude and vibrant colors, all with draping finishes and clippings which refer to patchworks. In addition, FWPS still showed that the fatties can also sir go around with jeans.Jegging Pant and leggings, plus models in different washes and cigarettes were in the collections of the Dardak and the Loony, brands that bother to adapt the jeans to wife’s body chubby brazilian.

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Face a walkway of lingerie is to few. The models of the Ness showed elegance and attitude in the collection. The confection’s panties and bras sizes 46 to 54 and seeks to maintain comfort, beauty and boldness to all body types. For day to day, the Ness used cotton, printed microfiber and prints on flowers and poá. And included sensuality with tulle, embroidered in satin, in addition to application of costume jewelry. In bikinis and swimsuits, the Acqua Luna gave up the bulge, serving to shape your breasts. The pieces have good support and various details that enrich even more the plus size fashion.