Stylish Men’s Belts

For upcoming birthdays, anniversary or just a pleasure between promises an elegant gentleman belt shining eyes when recipient. In classic dress code color matching belt for footwear are a must and also with jeans or light chinos should not miss this classy accessory. As gift for gentlemen we recommend a stylish leather belt.

Handmade Leather Belt For Men

A tasty belt together with the matching men’s shoes the basis for a convincing appearance. Too often, however, disparage proper colored or poorly processed models the otherwise positive overall impression. With a classic leather belt from you give an exquisite accessory for the man with high expectations.

All belts arise painstakingly handcrafted in the southern Spanish factory and consist of two layers of leather that are sewn together engstichig. The classic models from the finest calf leather are perfect for formal occasions like a wedding or baptism and ensure everyday business timeless elegance. For the extravagant taste to see beyond variations in suede, with hole pattern or exotic leather, ostrich, lizard, python or alligator. All belts are made by the way of the same leather out of which the welted men’s shoes are made.

For elegant models a must this Mr. belts is an unadorned, silvery buckle made of Zamak as closure. An advantage to know the mainly nickel allergies appreciate, it is but to a nickel-tin alloy. Available are the belts in five different closed lengths from 90 to 140 centimeters. If you are thinking to grab the wrong belt length, be reassured. Thanks to a screw cap filigree belt buckle can easily be removed and the leather straps be shortened.