Stylish Maternity Clothes

During pregnancy it’s hard to find beautiful clothes to wear and who are also comfortable. Fortunately for some years the fashion world is paying more attention to pregnant women and for this they were born only lines designed for pregnant women.

The stylist Isabella Oliver has been a pioneer in this field. The most famous star of Hollywood have worn her clothes during pregnancy. Any names? The German model Heidi Klum, the singer Gwen Stefani, the gorgeous Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba, the former Spice Girl Mel c.. Her website our site contains all the collections, with its price.

The site is in English but it is not complicated to understand, especially since there is the menu, left, with all categories of maternity uniforms in order to buy pregnancy underwear.

The label offers, in the section “Dresses” (clothes), some very elegant dresses and in various colors.
Then there are the “Tops”, t-shirts of every type, style and color. The choice is really wide!
The section “Knitwear” contains the knitted garments, so long cardigans, sweaters, dress.
In “Nursing” there are links for those who practice breast feeding, while “Coats & Jackets” collection Oliver offers coats and jackets of various cuts, colors and lengths.

Inevitable, even during the nine months, jeans, a must to have! In “Trousers & Jeans” (pants and Jeans, of course) you will find leggins and flared jeans, skinny pants and a palazzo, shorts and jumpsuits … in short, the choice will not fail!

As for skirts (“Skirts”) the choice is less extensive, none is particularly short and they have a very stylish and classic cut.

Don’t miss the section about underwear, “Lingerie & Hosiery” there are panties, pantyhose, bras, slips, Thong, some dedicated to comfort, other more malicious.
Seen that during pregnancy do a light physical activity is indicated, and swimming is one of the most recommended, there is the section “Swim” that hosts swimwear.

Often each dress pattern on this site is available in different colors and the Cape preview is visible in photos than in dynamic image, with a model wearing it and parades.
In addition to clothing, the brand Isabella Oliver also offers accessories like scarves, earrings, necklaces, and creams to nourish the skin. The site contains the catalogue of the collection, and you can apply also in paper format.