Study: Adult American Spends on Average 13 Hours Online Per Week

According to study conducted by Harris Interactive with about 2,000 people, an adult American spends on average 13h per week online. The number is lower than in 2008, when the weekly average was 14h. This difference, it is estimated, it was due to the great interest in American elections that year. (To those who are wondering how it was in 2007, I reply: 11h online per week, on average).

Of course, there is great variation between different user profiles. At one end of the curve we have 20% of users, who are just two hours or less on the Internet a week. On the other other end, 14% of internet users are analyzed more than 24 hours online per week.

Other interesting findings:

  • The age group that spends more time on the Internet is the 30-39 year (18h / week) and of 25-29 and 40-49 years (both with 17h / week);
  • Half of those online bought something on the Internet last month. In the group with 30-39 years the percentage jumps to 62% and in 40-49 years, 56%;
  • The number of online American adults (184 million, 80% of adults in the country) has remained relatively stable since 2007;
  • The number of US adults who access the Internet from home increased to 76%, against 75% in 2008, 70% in 2007 and 66% in 2005.