Straighten Hair Without Hair Dryer

Swedish Wheel, a system to have straight hair without a hair dryer and plate without damaging them. A “do it yourself” which is based on a simple and traditional method used to obtain “a spaghetto” and naturally. Despite being a somewhat challenging, has the advantage of not messing up your hair and being at no cost. Let us see How to create a perfect styling with the wheel in Swedish.

How to make the “wheel”

The Swedish wheel should be made on wet hair, then, first of all, wash the hair and Brown with a towel, without using the hair dryer. Take a comb do parted in the middle in the head, wrap two thick strands of hair into two large curlers and secure them using some clothespin. Be careful that the two curlers are not made nor too far, or too behind: calculated that one is right in the middle and the other later. After you split the hair into two strands, wrap around the head the hair remained free, fixing them with clothespins or with gooseneck spouts. Let these strands are tightly drawn. Be very careful and precise. The result is a helmet with strands, some of which will cover the forehead. If your hair is scaled, it will take some clothespins to not have the strands that fall. It is important to wrap all the hair around the head: only in this way will it be possible to give the right fold.

Wrap a scarf around your head

Just format the helmet, cover your head with a scarf and wait six or seven hours before he untangle the hair. After the time necessary to remove the headscarf and liberate hair from clothes pegs in reverse order compared to how you had it. Brush your hair gently and if you want to give shape to the tips you can finish with the hair dryer. At this point you’re done: you have a perfectly smooth bends without stress on the head.


Surely the first few times will be very challenging especially “winding”, but, once you’ve acquired more convenience, everything is simpler. We recommend you try this styling in summer, bypassing it in winter when wet hair are not recommended in the presence of cold temperatures.