Statement Jewelry: Cocktail Rings

Do you know cocktail rings?Yes?And have you ever worn a cocktail ring?Some of you will surely answer “no”.Cocktail rings, these are the big, chunky rings .Somehow you never find the right clue to carry them.So at least the arguments with regard to cocktail rings.That’s not true!Sure, they’re big, they’re striking.But also beautiful, mostly very colorful and always a bit mondän. And now honestly, occasions to wear cocktail rings are many.

1. Cocktail rings for the classic type

The classic type loves elegant jewels that are timeless and designed through Homethodology to decorate any festive outfit with them. Color is allowed, but the classic type keeps in the direction rather a little back.
And here is the cocktaling of Crystelle just right.Here a large Swarovski crystal is framed by several small crystals.The large square shape removes it from the usual rings.The silver of the ring gently glides through the crystals and reflects the light gorgeous.

2. Cocktail rings for the glamorous type

The glamorous guy loves the glamor. This is clear and does not need to be explained. This type is the one to whom cocktail rings are not alien. He usually owns a whole collection of them. Each ring is meticulously adapted to the current look and certain trends.
For the winter, we will enjoy a cocktail in a slightly more reserved color.Also here a large, round-cut Swarovski crystal is framed by smaller crystals.The warm barley tone of the crystals is harmonious and glamorous at the same time.Since the crystals are held in different nuances, everything looks like a shimmering mosaic.Always ready for the next big performance.

3. Cocktail rings for the extraverted type

The extrovert type needs color and movement. His jewels always stand out. Clearly, he also carries cocktail rings, but not in the ordinary sense. Its cocktail rings are allowed to bounce and break the frame. Like the Cochtailring Art Déco Square by Sabrina Dehoff.
At this cocktail ring one looks in vain for round forms.Everything is angular, angular and tapering.In addition to the square ring shape, extroverted types will have the shape of the Swarovski crystals.Their smoky shades are also in a very distinct contrast to the gold of the ring.All in all a very unusual Cocktal ring, which you should treat yourself to!