Stacking the Phones – Phone Stacking

Those who have smartphones permanently connected to the internet know full well how difficult it is to stay in for a long time without taking a look at emails, social networks or even reading text messages that are coming in from people, banks and carriers. There is nothing too much about it, but the worst is when it happens and it disrupts a more important social interaction.

Stacking the Phones – Phone Stacking

A good example of this is when people are gathered at any social event like a bar and someone is always messing around on the cell phone. Sometimes this even occurs in a meeting between two people and both, although they are together, do not share the same moment and the same experience. We already talked about it here on the site in an article about the video “Disconnect to connect”.

A new way to play games (which is not an app) allows you to solve this interesting question.

Stacking the phones and actually connecting

See below the steps of this strategy in a meeting in a bar:

  • The game starts right after everyone orders
  • Everyone puts the phone on the table, on a stack, with the screen facing down.
  • The first person to pick up the phone loses the game.
  • Who loses pays the bill
  • If the bill arrives before someone picks up the phone, the account is usually split

There are even some interesting variations of the game that point to the goal that people really pay attention and interact with each other:

  • The game can start as soon as everyone sits at the table
  • The phones do not need to be stacked, they can only be placed on the table, but they can not be used.
  • Obviously not everyone needs to participate, but it is very interesting for anyone who wants to detoxify a bit of hightech life!

I found this initiative very interesting that I saw on a tumblr and I think it may be useful for readers of the Cell Phones site after all, I would be an excellent candidate to test this joke.

Is that you? Do you have friends who are distancing themselves from the cell phone even though they are in a face-to-face conversation? Send this article to him!