Spotted Camera of HTC M8 with Two Lenses at MWC

Already before the start of the Mobile World Congress, HTC has invited for the 25 March 2014 to the introduction of the M8. The camera module of the new top smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer had still been at the fair in Barcelona.

The camera of HTC M8 has the rumored two lenses whose images the Smartphone to a recording is made. The blog Pocket-lint had own according to the opportunity at MWC for the manufacturer to get a glimpse of the camera module – a month before the performance of the Smartphone.

The module with two cameras comes from Qualcomm and Corephotonics, the technology behind it as “computational photography zoom” call. With the help of the two lenses an optical zoom available is the M8, keep the housing as thick as when the Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom unchanged like a compact camera.

Two Cameras for A Better Picture

The two image sensors used have resolutions of two and four megapixels. Don’t worry about the low rates of resolution: Already at the HTC one the camera resolution amounted to only four megapixel, still could keep up the recording quality with higher resolutions or even trumped them. The lens is a wide angle and a telephoto lens.

The M8 but not every time gives you two photos when you press the shutter button, but adds up to an image. This procedure should not only provide better image quality and allow zooming without loss of quality, but allow you to also work with depth of field effects.