Spidi Motorcycle Jacket Review

The Spidi and jackets to practice motorcycle

Spidi jacket “Combat Evo 2” to face the urban jungle!

Just a few years Spidi marketed urban jacket Combat Evo, an alternative to the highly technical “Moto Combat”.
Spidi returns with an evolution of the “Combat Evo” somewhat remodeled but the same qualities of its predecessor such as the thermo welded bands external sealing of the vest.Besides using Teflon addition to the main fabric in 3 layers already in use, it is a new lighter fixed lining that this new team Combat Evo 2 more mild winter detachable lining. It is also equipped with a multitech protection kit (shoulders, elbows) in addition to the location to back protector (optional).

Features of the Spidi jacket: Combat Evo 2

-3 NET fabric thicknesses, PU, TEX (waterproof and windproof)
-External thermo welded seams
-Waterproof and breathable membrane H2OUT®
-Col goose down
-2 outside pockets and 2 inside
-Detachable hood
-Zips side of ventilation under the arms and down the sleeves
-Reflective front and hood
-Tighten the bottom of the jacket

Jacket for all seasons man Spidi “Venture”

Designed for riders accustomed to long distances, jackets for motorcycle type 3 in 1 MensJacketsStore for using them throughout the year, whatever the season. With the Venture jacket, Spidi increases its thermal capacity for the winter and ventilation in summer.

The Venture Jacket has two removable inner liners. The first, removable, integrates the waterproof and breathable membrane H2OUT both. The second concerns the insulation. The latter integrates more traditional padding, a thin film of aluminum.
For summer use, Spidi Venture jacket is particularly distinguished from previous models thanks to its ventilation system. The air vents on the arms, shoulders and back are now integrated to increase the air flow inside the jacket during periods of hot weather. The air vents are opened and closed by simple zips.
The model incorporates two straps to go between the legs to keep the jacket back and let air streams in size, not very “sexy” but the least effective.

Features jacket Spidi Venture

-Outer fabric Tenax-Polyamide,
-Flex Tenax nylon 6.6
-Protections: Force Tech protectors kit (shoulders, elbows)
-Back protector and chest option
-Safety Lamp with remote control to increase its option visibility
-Many bands reflective,
-Tightening: waist, neck, arm and forearm
-4 outside pockets and 2 inside,
-The badge pocket for arm

Blouson de moto Spidi “Soft Cell Armor”

The jacket Soft Cell Armor is a new concept introduced by Spidi and opts for comfort without forgetting the obvious safety. Thus, Spidi in its catalog, a new jacket for mid-season and summer that is worn on a daily basis, leaving aside the flaws of traditional jackets (weight, stiffness …). Comfort is in part due to its light weight and flexibility through the combined use of three materials (Soft Cell, Flex Tenax and Nylon 6.6). Soft Cell is of course Tainted love-music box of the new-wave scene in the 80s – but this is a material that resembles the appearance of neoprene wetsuits but with abrasion resistance incommensurate between Cordura 500 and Cordura 700 according Spidi.

The Soft Cell Armor jacket has all the protection available from Spidi: shoulders and elbows but also dorsal and pectoral protections, all of which are removable for cleaning the jacket. Note here that – for once a model and costsreasonable-protections are included and not optional! It lacks just a choice of colors more “exotic” as the only black proposed …

Spidi jacket Features: Sot Cell

-Protections back, chest “Chest” and multi-tech kit shoulders and elbows
-Overture “summer” on the jacket, ventilation,
-connection for pants
-2 outside pockets and 1 inside,
-Reflective strips.

Women’s summer jacket Spidi “NL5 Lady”

The tone is set! Recommended Price: 179.90 € | Availability: Immediate | Sizes: XS to L | Colors: Black / Black-Black / Red, Black / Grey-Black / light green

The new summer jacket Spidi NL5 Lady is actually a versatile model that also adapt to cooler temperatures in the mid-season thanks to its removable liner (optional) for the winter and has shoulder and elbow protectors (multitech kit ).
As the name suggests, this model Spidi is for women. In general, the fairer sex has a wider choice of colors than that for men with a color palette extending beyond the simple black color chart or gray! But for once, exit pastel colors (pink, blue, purple …), instead visibility with color Light green to remind you undoubtedly that safety vests, design and cut of this jacket Spidi knit fabric (cordura and teflon) for women is however far more flattering.
many bikers in Europe have adopted this “visibility” why not the french (e) s!

Spidi jacket Features: NL5 Lady

-Outer fabric Cordura 500, Tenax Flex, Teflon.
-Space for back protector
-Internal lining “mesh”
-Overture “summer” on the jacket
-4 outside pockets and 2 inside,
-Connection with pants.

Winter Jacket Spidi “Netwin”

Jacket for four seasons Recommended Price: 389.90 € | Availability: Immediate | Sizes: S to 3XL | Color: Black / White; Black Grey; Black red

Due to weather changes more and more unpredictable, Spidi jacket imagined “Netwin” capable of providing an alternative to the vagaries of weather and bend to the heat of the summer, the winter cold or moisture of autumn. Apart from this flexibility, the Spidi jacket “Netwin” is the first touring jacket incorporating a chest protection “Chest” Removable CE approved. Also cut was especially adjusted to provide excellent feel comfortable driving whatever the driving style and the bike. All with a small footprint and many stretch inserts for optimized comfort.

Spidi jacket Features: Netwin

-Cordura, Tenax Tactel, Flex Tenax, Neoprene
-Waterproof and breathable membrane H2OUT,
-Ergonomic size,
-Sleeves, adjustable waist and neck
-Back protector, chest CE approved included,
-Protections shoulders and elbows
-openings, vents,
-Removable liner (2 in 1)
-Connecting with pants
-Reflective piping front, back, sleeves.

Blouson Spidi Cyberfit

Ergonomics and Sportsmanship / Neoprene and leather Recommended Price: 439.90 € |Availability: Immediate | Sizes: S to 3XL | Colour: black / white; black / bronze

With Cyberfit model Spidi explores a futuristic way for new models. This jacket is set to become the flagship of the brand, with flexible material around an original design, apparently largely inspired body-buildés body of the Spartans in the “300” with “drawing” of the pectoral and abdominal prominent! Cyberfit The model can also be used with a wide range of vehicles and whatever the driving style.
The use of neoprene and nylon Tenax Flex, applied in moving areas (inside the forearm, inner arms up clavicles, abdomen, back) that give this model ergonomics and comfort very appreciable. In addition to the protections CE approved elbow and shoulder locations are provided for adding a back protector and / or chest.

Spidi jacket Features: Cyberfit

-Bovine Leather
-Inserts fabric Tenax Flex neoprene
-Protections: multitech kit (shoulders, elbows)
-Space for back protection and protection Chest “Chest”
-Quilted inner lining
-Overture “summer” on the jacket vents
-2 pockets outdoor and 1 indoor
-Log pants with zip or snap
-Col “comfort” with neoprene inserts

Spidi motorcycle jacket for women: Scarlett

Urban Chic movement advised Price: 269.90 € | Availability: Immediate | Color: Black, Ivory | Sizes: XS to XL

Which actress now best embodies femininity? I guessed you, Scarlett Johansson, and it is in the sweet name of this nymph, Scarlett, that Spidi out this urban chic jacket for women, so Spider!
The model designed by the Italian manufacturer is ideal for users of 125cc . With his velvet collar and waist belt Scarlett model is perfect for mid-season use, it is also equipped with a detachable vest lining so, pending the winter. Regrettably, however, that the location of the dorsal is not already equipped.

Spidi jacket features Women Scarlett

-Waterproof Tenax Tactel H2OUT
-High strength fiber Micro
-Waterproof and breathable membrane H2OUT
-Adjustments to the size
slots -back protection
-protection: multitech kit (shoulders, elbows)
-4 outside pockets and 1 inside
-Inside lining vest way