Sony Releases Sensor HAL, Full Access to The Sensors of The Xperia

Sony offers a new test of its commitment to the free development of the cooked ROMs parala Xperia range: It has released the source code of your HAL Sensor, allowing developers to access sensors of all terminals of the Xperia 2011 range at low level.

HAL is the acronym of Hardware Abstraction Layer (hardware abstraction layer). Source code released under open license, describes how Sony Ericsson Xperia 2011 range sensors are configured in full. Developers can make use of this code to enable or disable multiple sensors, features, and settings, as well as create custom settings for each sensor, without having to modify the code.

For example, a cooked ROM could be designed to optimize the use of the compass, to make this work in a certain way. The libraries for the management of the cameras were already available for download. In addition, ask the community recommendations on What should be the following software should be free.

This is peace of mind for buyers of a Xperia: if Sony does not take off new updates, the community will have resources to do so on their own. I like this policy of Sony. Finally, manufacturers are discovering the advantages of collaborating with the chefs of ROMs.