Sony Helped Google to Bring Wireless Audio High Quality Android or

There are certain companies that they contribute to Android from a secondary role as it is the case with Sony. It has been one of which they began with proofs of pure versions of Android with the ‘concept’ of Android Xperia Z3 M.

And not only it has been here, but that in Android or, that version of which we already have the preview from yesterday, has been able to implement up to 30 improvements and correct 250 bugs in total. All a feat that should be applauded from these lines.

More than 250 bugs corrected in Android or

Not all departments of a company have to follow the bad decisions made by others in the designs of phones, and there is one Sony that can very well play his cards, until recruiting gurus of ROMs XDA, namely Alin Jerpelea, to take them to their ranks.

Android or, apart from to postpone a notice in particular or the native support issues, the Japanese company has been key to Android as a platform for high quality wireless audio.

The new version of Android will offer support to LDAC wireless audio codec technology Sony, you can transfer more data compared to the Bluetooth one can have on a standard smartphone.

One of the qualities of LDAC is that it can get a bit rate or ‘bitrate’ of up to 990 kbps compared to audio codecs wireless dropping up to 330 kbps. Speaking clearly, with Android or you can stream audio to a nearly equal to the original quality.

To be in Android or means that OEMs will be able to use the codec to your compatible audio devices. A very special for those manufacturers feature they are circumscribed in the audio-related products, and that they will now have a good opportunity to offer premium products.

It is interesting that the own Google has made it very clear What has helped Sony for a better Android or coming, and that must be taken into account, although these years ago lost a little course.