Sony Ericsson Will Support Independent Developers

Sony Ericsson It is the manufacturer of phones that championed the proposal to release the bootloader of your mobile with Android and then other manufacturers have replicated this initiative. Since then have shown special interest by the independent developer community that put efforts to create Custom ROMs, able to squeeze all the possibilities of a terminal, taking a step higher than the offered by the manufacturer.

Just yesterday we told you about the great news about the famous group of developers of CyanogenMod and FreeXperia Team, which would pool efforts from now to get a future revision of the CyanogenMod that includes up to 10 terminals of the Xperia range.

Today, through the developer blog of Sony Ericsson We learned that they were already working with the Group FreeXperia Team providing information and terminals so that they could work better in their future Custom ROMs the range of its terminals. Perhaps that is the reason why his catalogue of phones with the ability to change the ROM was greater than the CyanogenMod.

The news bomb of the day is that Sony Ericsson It has been released to It will support any proposal of independent developers they serve to enhance the chances of their terminals, beyond those which can offer with the factory ROM, so open the doors to give support to more developers who want to get involved in this cause.

This initiative on the part of Sony Ericsson will provide information as of the photo camera, that is one of the feature that most costs to optimize on all Custom ROMs, so now the customization steps will not go dark and we assume that the pace of updates already will be the lock of the lack of information, sometimes solved under the scientific premise of ‘ test and error & #8217;.

However, they warn that for the process of installing a Custom ROM is required before the release of the Bootloader and that both processes are not supported by the guarantee of the terminal, so it relegated them to users with some knowledge on the subject. In any case seems fabulous course that you are taking Sony Ericsson, which we hope to open the door to older terminals and, above all, serve as a benchmark for other manufacturers. Well Sony Ericsson!