So Are Renewed and Reorganized Android Settings or

Google continues by Material Design with the next update of its operating system, which in the new version Android or We are not going to find any radical change in the interface

The biggest change of design of Android or will find it in the section of Settings, It has received its biggest facelift to date, since first they reorganised the settings so they are still easier to use and understand.

The settings in Android or

The change that will get us more attention just open the Settings It is the change of color of the action bar, which now happens to be the dark from earlier versions of a light grey but at the same time showing the more obscure icons for better readability.

Clarity is also what you will find in the settings. Google has reorganized settings to avoid saturating at first the user’s options. There are many now in the main view less sections. Many settings have been organized in other sections.

Now the sections of “Phone information”, “Backup”, “Development options”, “date and time” or “Reset the device” are within the “System” section.

Many sections have been simplified and many settings have changed place with the new organization. For example, in new paragraph Connected devices is where we configure the Bluetooth, the NFC, Android Beam, printer, USB and send screen to a screen Cast.

In Android or the side navigation bar disappears debuts in Android, has not had much success since neither offered any real advantage. Also the Android support 7.1 tab disappears, is now one section more.

New settings also have important changes in the interface, in the colors of the buttons, design statistics and much more. It’s all much more care.

Another important detail is that now there will be no hidden gears icon settings, the advanced options are now a drop-down directly from the settings list. You click on “advanced options” and other options are displayed.