Snapchat Releases Update and Brings Chat with Stickers, Audio and Video

An update to Snapchat released on Tuesday (29) released new features for integrated chat application. What was once just a simple chat window with a hidden video calling function has become a complete messenger with Chat 2.0.

You can not deny that Snapchat was much more like the Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. In addition to being able to send gallery of images, you can record an audio or video, which is displayed in a small balloon. Another novelty is that the application now allows voice calls to other users.

Recently, Snapchat bought Bitstrips, the company that used to specialize in creating custom stickers and emoji. The deal, which cost 100 million dollars, already starts to make sense with the update: more than 500 stickers available to enhance the conversations. Still can not include the stickers in a conventional snap, but it is expected that the company include something in a future update.

Although the update is focused on chats, viewing of the stories also received slight modifications. Besides the traditional tap the screen to jump to the next snap, you can now slide to the left and move to the next story. To exit the display, just pull down. The name of the author of the story also has to be displayed in the upper left corner.

The update is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play. Users of earlier versions can not view stickers, audios or videos while not update the application.Oh, do not forget to follow the our site in Snapchat!