Smart Goggles

Were developed by Japanese researchers smart glasses that have the ability to record everything that the person wearing the glasses you see and recognize the objects in the image.

The glasses have a video camera and a small projector, connected to a computer equipped with software that, according to Dr. Yasuo Kuniyoshi, creator of the project, is the most advanced object recognition system in the world.

The unit is one of the ways that scientists seek to use the technology to complement and enhance our experience in the real world, a concept called “augmented reality”, in English.

When you put the glasses on, the person walks by a location filming the everyday objects and identifying: “this is my cell phone”, “these are the keys to the car”, for example. In this waythe computer learns the identity of objects and stores the information in a database. Later, when the person is looking for the keys, just ask “where are my keys?”. The computer will search the images that were made and design, the lens of the glasses, a clip showing the last place they were seen.

As Prof. Kuniyoshi, in the future your system may be integrated with databases, which would give the user access to an entire universe of information about what to see in everyday life, such as pr example, the exact species of an animal or updated information about a friend that you don’t see the t time.

For now there is no forecast for arrival of this curious technology to the market.