Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

Living in a small apartment can be a challenge – where I put all my things? But it can also have positive aspects, such as the ability to live in large cities where costs of hiring or purchasing are high. And then a small house requires less time to devote to the order and cleaning! But it must be warm and welcoming, not cluttered.

It might help to follow some of the precepts of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art that combines philosophy and architecture to harmonize the environment around us with our vital energy. The arrangement and the choice of the elements, and even the color can help improve the peace, well-being and stimulate our potential. The website is packed with tips on furniture, apartment decor and style, with videos and photo tours house from which get inspired. the textile designer Judy Ross has opened the doors of his New York apartment of just 55 square meters and gave some tips on how to value small sizes:

First, focus on the brightness of the environments. The white walls are a classic but always the best choice for “broadening” the perception of space. In addition to Feng Shui the light and bright colors represent power and creativity.

Use cupboards and containers to collect things, giving you a clean and tidy. Best if you tailor: adapt to the space by creating smaller footprint. Deep shelving enable putting books and objects on the same level while saving the need… to another mobile.

Try to accentuate the height of the rooms with bookcases or curtains from ceiling to floor and finally, avoid hanging chandeliers and large, “lowering” the ceiling. Better opt for elements that rivolgano the light upwards and create a clear and diffuse luminosity.