Slotted t-Shirt Plus Size

Recently I gave tips here on how to use t-shirt with crack, as this piece is one of the darlings of the moment. Of course in the plus size things are a little different, right? I didn’t see many brands betting on it and it frustrated me a lot, since I love a simpler style and cool for the day to day, but thanks to the good God the heart of Three Seven was lit and the brand has created two very beautiful models to our joy!

One is black, more basic and chic-as says the stamp itself-and the other has black and white stripes, which is one of the trends that will rock this fall winter. I love stripes of passion because I think stripped and jovial, besides being totally timeless. The other look, with the striped shirt, I’ll post another day hold Me because I loved the photos and was going to be a very giant post, so I’m going to split in two. Laughter! Good news: the Three Seven plus size t-shirt is now sold on Anyblouses. To find the pieces from the new collection, just access: Our site.

T-shirt plus size slotted in Three Seven

This oxford Melissa looks heavy, but is very light. It’s like stepping on a cloud of cotton. Pure comfort and what I like is the contrast: he looks like a men’s shoe, but it’s pretty soft and creates a visual very nice for casual looks. I’m completely and madly in love with him. The clerk at the store told me that he is the most sought after shoe, but I lost it in practically everything in this collection. And the tratoradas boots? Affff … my heart and my Pocket can’t handle!

The best t-shirt with crack is that it is long, so avoid that unnecessary periquitation when we use leggings and is wonderful with jeans. Even you can do various tricks if you are using a pair of pants with pockets, because you can hold the horns on them and create different effects for your look – you will see on the look of the shirt with striped slit! Me, I’m very tall, have the long trunk and suffer too much to find long t-shirt I’m glorifying standing these models (really, like I suffer to find long blouse, Mercy!). The coolest thing is that the rift valorises all body types: the girls who have wide hip can use which is divine and that do not have hip (like me) too!

Tip: If you’re going to use slotted t-shirt, always combine with parts adjusted to the body, because as she’s fluffy, gets weird use with wide pieces and it will give more volume to the silhouette. Choose leggings, skirts and skinny jeans pencil which is wonderful. I await the comments of you! Kisses!