Slip-on Shoes: How To Use The Sets

There was a time when the shoe was seen with a certain fear in order to support a visual inelegant.

Overcome myths on fashion and more room for diversity in dress, celebrating even the casual, comfort has never been so in vogue.

The street style had already embraced the attitude of fashion for some time and perpetuated in the street looks. That’s what the consumer wants: comfort and style!

According to shoe-wiki, the slip-on sneakers (slip-on sneaker) is one of the key parts of this style! Is a unisex shoe model. Totally casual. Very urban. Sporty in style. Has spontaneity in wear. And, depending on the clothing that goes with it, is a “flat”.

Many already do that type of tennis to your personal brand and express in the dressing a bit of alternative character sets.

And, the more interesting: it is the type of footwear that becomes part of the closet to be used at any time, without that feeling of “saturated”, “fashion sets exceeded”.

In a world of “fast fashion”, a dress “tawdry” and unreachable of editorials, runway and many fashion bloggers, the slip-on sneakers rescues a vision of individual content and concise fashion.

How to use the slip-on sneakers?

The slip-on shoe falls into casual occasion. There is an incredible variety of options on the market, from the most traditional to the most eccentric.

Who wants to go for a more traditional path, simply choose a slip-on shoes of plain color and match. You can also create contrasts. Just imagine! You put a monochromatic look, with a shoe of this colorful style. What do you think?

To dare with caution, can choose those leather croco (imitation).

For more fun, direction slip-on sneaker. Chess, flowers, abstract print. And, there’s even shiny options – Gold, silver, copper. To color the feet!

The slip-on shoe is very versatile. Great with jeans, shorts, short for anyone! And, yet, for women, beautiful with dresses, skirts. Jumpsuit is also an option for both.

Is that shoe model that combines with almost everything!

The fact is that fashion is construction of the Act of dressing and the personality of each. The Act of dressing is substantial. It is precisely this merger between the parts, the personality and the fashion that makes any part is lasting. A shoe like this is just a piece of clothing. Wear is significant and expresses each. So, wear can be a creative act. It’s a pinch of common sense, the meeting yourself and get to work for the creativity!

And you!? Likes to wear this style of tennis shoes with what?