Skull Watch for Halloween

With this meaning pregnant rate and a wink I would like to open this Little Halloween Special skull watches and leather bracelets / connect.

But what does the skull and crossbones symbol mean?

In the Christian West, the image of the dead skull belongs to the war and to fight. He proves the boldness, unconditional hardness, to make credible threats to kill.

Pirates, last but not least more verniedlicht imagined thanks to the Iglo advertising or the Asterix comics are a classic like to called as an example. If a hook as prosthetic hand, a wooden leg, an eye patch and a parrot on his shoulder a pirate has belongs to the standard equipment, may be doubted in any case.

Even today, the skull and crossbones is a symbol which is used to express hardness , E.g. in various Ultras groups (or at the FC St. Pauli as a default icon) as well as various Military units.

The skull and crossbones symbol has, in the meantime however, presentable and has long since entered the fashion world found and therefore no longer the grim above all meaning as before – pink bows skulls on girl’s T-shirts or questionable taste aberrations such as the residential collection KARE rock star by Carmen and Robert Geiss…

Okay, added: the following skull watches models are likely to split the minds – tastes are different times now.Just like the willingness for a such – certainly not everyday – skull clock. Therefore, I have a few affordable models put together: from expensive to cheap…

Bell & Ross watches skull: “death from above”

Let’s start with the most expensive model in this idea of a relatively young watch brand with headquarters in France, Bell & Ross. Nice to know: one of the founders of the Bell & Ross, the industrial designers Bruno Belamich (“Bell”), his watch career as an intern by Helmut Sinn, former holder of the Frankfurter Spezialuhrenschmide Sinn. There, Belamich and second founder of Carlos could make even the first own clock models Rosillo (“Ross”) (Bell & Ross by sense). Today, the production is located in the Swiss La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Far usually rather simple design of Bell & Ross watches, the watch brand but even skulls as a style element for which detected: approx. €5000 for the bronzeversion of the BR01 (bronze skull) here we go. But also in this model of the arch to the background of the pilot’s watch by Bell & Ross is beaten. Bell & Ross anything exaggeration glorifizierend writes:

This […] Version is a tribute to the epic of the parachutists of the second world war. These elite fighters wore proudly on her jumper suits a badge with a skull and crossbones and the words: “death from above” .With their attack at dawn of June 6, 1944, the troops of the 101st and 82nd air land divisions played a decisive role during the landing in Normandy […]

According to rrrjewelry, the skull and crossbones watch BR01 comes with anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal, a 46-mm bronze package (92% copper and 8% brass) and a Swiss automatic movement on base of Sellita SW300-1. The skull glows in the dark, the indices and hands are gold-plated.

Although I like Bronze watches, this limited (and more expensive) version of Bell & Ross is still definitely fallen out:

This skull and crossbones clock the entire casing around the dial is engraved in the style of a tattoo and reminiscent of flames. Take a closer look, one discovers even more symbols of transitoriness: A heart, a rose and a scythe.
In the production of every furrow of hand engraved in the steel is filled with a pen and black ink paint. The housing comes while editing multiple times in the oven, to permanently fix the paint-a pretty complicated process…

The skull itself is in the metal marked: a technique which is used for the production of coins and medals and ensures a plastic optics. The key data correspond to the bronze version (up to the bronze case of course).Price point for the limited model: over €6000.

Multi colored, colorful, Bomberg: the skull model bolt-68 “skull”

I also from time to time encounter watch brands, which I never ever yet seen: so also the 2012 based brand Bomberg, while recruiting with Swiss made , are however very sparsely sold in Germany (E.g. in case ofWisdom-Exclusiv).

Already the first look at the site reveals: there is no standard designs here and with anything as undersizedenclosure sizes from 44 mm up the clocks should above all one: attract attention. According to a statement by Bomberg, the models focus on the tattoo. Really foolproof significantly to represent that,website the unsuspecting visitor of the Bomberg jumps against everything, what has to offer the model-Kartei in the category of fake .

One thing however is certain: when such colorful designs, it is of course often a narrow ridge to a cheap-looking appearance.

Nice idea: the pushers of the watches are up, and for a specific reason: namely relatively uncomplicated, the models can be change to a pocket watch or necklace. Whether that makes sense, not even…

Lüm-TEC: Carbon watch combat B23 USN Edition

The American Lüm-TEC watch brand has released the carbon model combat B23 USN Edition. USN is however not for United States Navy, but for usual suspect network – an Online community of knife able.

The 43 mm chronograph with Japanese Miyota 9015 automatic movement and Sapphire Crystal is severely limited (50 units) and more difficult to get into Germany. The price: $975, which is comparatively human for aCarbon watch .

Helson Blackbeard skull and crossbones clock: Nothing for landlubbers

Under the name of Blackbeard, Hong Kong has a diver’s watch in the portfolio, which is named after the famous English pirate Edward “Blackbeard” teach micro-brand Helson. He had earned also this pirate nickname: before Blackbeard captured ships, he was burning reignited itself in his thick, black beard, still angsteinflößender to work. If always a bucket of water next to it are Edward Teach had, is not known.

For US$ 749 + shipping costs a packet from a reliable Japanese Miyjota 9015 automatic movement and Sapphire gets packed in a 42 mm case with rich 50 bar water resistance directly from the manufacturer, – Edward “Blackbeard” teach would be proud!

Too bad: The flag, which hoisted Edward Teach, would have consequently certainly good as housing floor decoration…

Detomaso San Remo Testa di morto: Macho, macho man

The next skull watch comes from the Essen watch brand Detomaso, named after the choice Italian Alejandro de Tomaso, who founded the eponymous sports car manufacturers.

Admitted: the Macho positioning of Detomaso is certainly not for everyone-on the website it saysglorifizierend:

He could perfect the manhood there was him placed in the cradle, because Italy became his second home.A country in which man culture is still maintained: Cars, measuring with others, the emergence of the mass, the macho Habitus. A country in which directly include properties such as pride, self-confidence and strength of character to the maturation process of a real man. No question: Men are made out of time.

This guiding principle is underlined by all sorts of related picture material on the Detomaso Web site, including a Steelworkers standing in the sparks sea: not for wimps! that aims to provide the inclined customers.

That Detomaso-like many smaller watch brands-design abkupfert, you cannot accuse the brand however: Temporex GmbH, based in the Ruhrpot distributes Detomaso watches with own design ideas-such as the automatic watch San Remo “Testa di Morto”, which offers a pretty fair price-performance ratio with Sapphire Crystal and a solid Japanese automatic movement (Miyota 8215).

The skull diver watch 43 mm case is packed in one, that is up to 30 bar waterproof (suitable for diving). There are two versions available: stainless steel and stainless steel with black PVD coating.

The independent Austrian watch manufacturer Jacques Lemans three model variants launched for The Expendables 2 total, two of which with a skull and crossbones, that emblem of the film title-giving mercenaries is the insanely creative .

The quartz models are now with to get pretty good discounts in the gift set with the first two of The Expendables movies as Blu Ray. The circular version of the skull and crossbones clock is available in the four men’s sizes 40, 44, 46, 49 mm. For the price from €114 one gets (understandably) but only scratch-sensitive mineral glass.

Skull closing maddog: on customer request and bracelets

Who does not want to buy a new clock for the next Festival, rock concert or the Halloween party, which can take a look at the leather straps from Maddog-Straps. All belts are handmade 100% customer-for simplification reasons you can also refer to many reference images on the site. Only the desired raw material, dimensions and other detail wishes are needed to production-for example, the number, location and size of various skulls on bracelet and clasp.