Skinny Pants: Learn How to Match This Joker Piece

By following some basic rules it is easy to assemble successful looks with this piece that practically every woman has in the wardrobe

The skinny pants are a pair of tight-fitting slacks that first appeared in jeans in 1950, being presented to the world on screen by actress Marilyn Monroe.Currently, it appears in versions not only jeans, but also in ecological leather and combinations of other materials.

The undisputed success of this piece is in its versatility: it can be combined with just about everything.And it was her ease to be worn in the looks that made her an almost obligatory piece in every woman’s wardrobe.

However, even being a simple piece to match, there are a few tricks to using it and valuing your silhouette type, after all each body needs looks that fit and value it.

Image and style consultant Fernanda Padovan Maranho explains: “This is not the most democratic model of pants that exists. Because it is a tight pants, it highlights all the curves of the woman, so it is necessary to follow some tips to get the best out of this model. ”

She adds that regardless of the shape of the woman’s body, the pants should be fair, but be careful not to choose a size that tightens and highlights the greasiness of the waist and hip.Remember also the rule of compensation.If the trousers are tight, the upper part should be wider.

The consultant Fernanda Maranho gives some specific tips for each case, but stresses the importance of seeking professional help with a style consultant to get even more specific advice on your case.Check the following recommendations:

  • Highs
    The big challenge for tall women and that does not have many curves, is exactly creating more shapes in the body.For this it is worth mixing pants of different textures and patterns with the upper part more structured and bulky.How about experimenting with a peplum blouse or more curly blazers?Wearing belts over the waistcoats to mark the waist is also a great tip.
  • Little Falls
    A good trick for short women is to wear the same colored shoes as the pants.When there is no color contrast between the clothes and the footwear, we can create the sensation of a longer silhouette.The same goes for the top of the look.The more monochrome, the better.It is also good to avoid pants with horizontal stripes, as they flatten the silhouette.
  • Fat
    This is not the model that most favors women who are a little overweight, but if you can not give up skinny pants, give preference to darker and smoother colors.Combine with blouses that are loose on the body like shirts and robes of colors lighter and more vibrant.
  • Large hips
    Those who have a wide hip, can use some tricks to disguise it and be able to wear skinny pants.Combine dark colored trousers with a cardigan, longer jacket or blazer, and some blouse that draws attention to the upper body.Accessories such as necklaces, scarves, scarves or even a blouse with a more worked collar help to enhance the look.
  • Thick leg
    Those who have thick legs should avoid this model of pants, because the skinny even more emphasizes the legs.But if you can not live without the skinny pants, it is best not to draw attention to the lower part of the body.The trousers should be smooth and dark in color and should be combined with shoes of the same color.
  • Thin leg
    This model of pants is super indicated for the women of fine leg because they help to create the sensation of curves.They can abuse skinnys more estonadas in the region of the thighs, printed trousers and of lighter colors.

Create your own looks with skinny pants

Check out some examples of cool combinations that can be made with the versatile skinny pants in three versions: black, jeans and print.


The black skinny pants, whether in jeans, leather or other material, is not very difficult to match.Since it is smooth, you can bet on a blouse, tank top or printed shirt.For colder days, opt for a jacket or cardigan.On the feet, shoes like ankle boots and sneakers fall well.


The light wash jeans, especially with tears and blemishes, call for smooth pieces on the upper body.It is also worth noting that this model is not suitable for those with thick legs.Blouses, cotton shirts and tights more just to the body are pieces that can complete the look.Bet on slippers, sneakers or sandals anabela or jumping on the feet.


To fit this look, choose a shirt that contains one of the colors of the pants, so it is easier to make the combinations.Remember that the blouse should be smooth to balance the print of the pants and that the printed skinny looks better on women with thin and long legs.On the feet, use a plain colored shoe in a tone that complements the production.Sandals, scarpins and sneakers are recommended.

Inspire yourself with the looks of the bloggers

Some fashion bloggers from Brazil and other countries are adept at skinny pants and create incredible looks with the piece.Brazilian blogger Mariah Bernardes stands out in the category of colorful skinnys, while the French blogger Fadela Mecheri creates beautiful looks with dark skinnys basic jeans.Check out various looks of the day with skinny pants and use them as inspiration:

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