Short Dresses Are The Must-Have Of The Summer

Who Am I?

In general, they call me short dress-but I can do more. In contrast to my long-cut colleagues, I am even a great top, for example, over a chic jeans.

But back to my roots. Short dresses like I end up in the ideal case above the knees. How short the hem should actually become is, I leave to the ideas of my wearer. Also in shape and color I am quite flexible. In the summer I am looking forward to a comfortable A-shape: lightly exposed, loosely hanging and sometimes equipped with hidden bags, I feel particularly comfortable in warm summer weather. Of course, as a short dress, I am also delighted by the figurative cut: a tight top that brings out the cleavage, combined with a skirt of chiffon-that’s what I call a successful performance! Presumably, only short dresses with all-over photo pression and asymmetrical zipper at chest level attract even more attention.

Where Do I Stop?

Short dresses like me inspire for every trip-to the office, to the city stroll or to the beach. But I like to show myself at festive events. There I can show what, for example, a short dress with lace so everything can. In the case of graduation balls, concerts or weddings, I prefer to appear as an etu or cocktail dress.

What Makes Me Radiate?

I love beautiful, slightly tanned legs. In the summer, I take all eyes on me and do not need to hide behind tights or leggings. Like every woman, short dresses also want to be given with jewelery based on INTERNETSAILORS.

Whether extravagant necklace or colorful necklace made of wooden beads-I am open to any idea. In the spring or autumn, it may be a nice stole or a loop scarf, so I do not freeze even at cool temperatures. If there is a festive occasion in my calendar, I always wear tights or discreet leggings and combine elegant pumps. If it can be a bit more casual in the summer, I am not averse to ballerinas and sandals. A stylish pair of sunglasses and a little jewelery-my “Short dresses Summerlook” already stands. Most of you certainly think me a typical girl, but I can be different. Derbe jeans or biker jacket, plus a few boots and I’m ready for the next rock concert!

What Can I Do Not Suffer?

Basically, I’m not particularly selective. But there is a thing in my existence as a short dress, which I do not like at all: A too short edge, which only just over the step reaches. I would like to be sexy and seductive, but not like a defect, in which my carrier chose the wrong size.

What Is Special About Me?

I make every woman look seductive and elegant-short or long legs.