Shirts Printed with Flowers for Men

Shirts printed with male flowers: spring will until 21 December here in Brazil. And coincidentally (or not) the shirts printed with flowers are already on the streets. Yes, flowery shirts fashion for men is in the streets, and not just the big cities. The tendency of shirts stamped with flowers was already scheduled for 2016. See this article I wrote about the subject.

Just enter in department stores or specialty shops in the male audience to check out the variety of shirts with flower print. We had already written an article about them here.

Is a brazilian characteristic dress of colorful and cheerful manner. The flowery prints in male bodies were not as well accepted, by men, of course, but nowadays the shirts printed with flowers can be seen more easily in the streets and in the closet .

Where Were The Shirts Printed With Flowers?

The origin of male parts stamped with flowers come the early 1970, the Hippies.Returned with everything in 2014, the main runway in the world.

How To Use Shirts Printed With Flowers?

You can use shirts with flower pattern in social events, at work or on a casual ride.

You have a little bit of shame in time to use a florida shirt? So give preference for models patterned with dark background. Dark colors pass a sense of seriousness.

Prefer to use the florida shirt with pants or shorts.

If you have a physique majeure, can invest in shirts with prints of larger flowers. Now, if you are small and thin, opt for prints with small flowers.

Shoes For Use With Flowery Shirts

Invest in casual shoes, sneakers, caps and leather jeans with straight cuts. Another very nice trend for spring 2016 is the sockless. Use the shoes without socks, with the bars bent pants. It emphasizes the beauty of the footwear, be it social, sporting or casual.

Shoes low or high barrel, boots, workboots, dress shoes and loafers or drivers. If your preferred style and look is casual, the Ferricelli has a specific footwear for you. CLICK HERE to check out (and buy) all our models from the current collection.