Sew Bag-Simply

In This Case, There Is So Much Space!

I love big bags, in which I just can throw into it all. Annika has made a new pattern for a bag. Exactly the right model for me. 

This bag is a real Lady bag-find all place what could go so need woman. Despite its size, the bag is a lightweight and not pulling on the shoulder.

A Refined Pattern.

The pattern is really refined and very smart. I have it made me this red leather case for runstitched. When sewing I initially have lost their way and knew not where the top and where bottom is. Therefore I would like to you provide here image material, make the thing easier something. The bag is really quite simple to sew if you keep exactly to the instructions.

Bag Material

The illustrated bags are all out of imitation leather. The shiny leather fabrics are very soft and cuddly – very all in the touch. All used leather imitations are of a great quality – the materials are all very high quality and are a true competitor to genuine leather. I was so excited by the leather materials that I just made a second bag in silver as a birthday present. I’ve seen the metallic leather imitation gold and rosé. Unfortunately I’m still haven’t gotten to sew the Pocket from 2 different fabrics. Tracks processing almost screams for a 2-color processing. If you want to sew a 2-coloured bag, I would be happy about a picture of it.

There are not many pattern parts for the bag. Part A is equivalent to F part and if you would like to incorporate an inside pocket, one works one of 4 strips with the lining Pocket bag (you need the sections B-D)

Outer fabric and lining fabric consumption is 95 cm each.
The inside pocket zip: 20 cm
4 rings for the handle brackets 3 cm wide
2.5-3 cm-wide Grosgrain Ribbon to the reinforcement of the Henkel

When cutting, it is important that the pattern pieces all in one direction are cut to A, C and F with the oblique side.

Marking point 1 for cutting part A and point 7 when cutting part F are very important in further processing. The pattern pieces are sewn together to these points. Warning: leave the part of the seam allowance open! This is important for the processing of the corners of the bag. Sew the Outer fabric and lining in the same manner. When the lining, you have to let a piece of 15-20 cm at one Empire seam open. Through this slot, the bag is used later after sewing together of outer pocket and lining pockets.

Finally the 4 sections in the same manner to a hose put together.

The tips above congruent put together and sew down the bottom of the bag.

In the sewing description, there is a good drawing how to set the bottom next to sew the corners. After that, the corners are cut back.
The feed bag is working as well.

Here you can see 2 pictures of the pocket with incorporated zipper. It is beautiful and stabilizing the zipper ends are secured with a piece of leather.

Sew on base of sewing description which sew handle tabs for the rings and the tabs according to the pattern on the line of approach.

When both Pocket bags are finished, they are plugged into each other right on right, and sewn together. The bag is in the top corners each precisely sewn together. The seam allowances are not with touch, otherwise is a “Gewurschtel” after turning in these corners.

Here, a look at the finished Pouch Pocket with zipper interior pocket.

I hope you have noticed you now desire to sew as a practical bag. It’s really not hard according to GAMETATE. It is only important that you clean and precise work. The bag is sewn loosely in a day.

Have fun!