See Tips For Installing Vinyl Flooring

PVC vinyl tiles are increasingly used. Has good sound absorption, which prevents the toque-toque that happens in other types of coatings. That’s one of the kitchen floors do you have search in the market. In the heat, heats as the carpets and, in winter, are more comfortable that the porcelain stoneware and don’t SAG and or dilate.

Some are very similar with the wood, but it also has the smooth, colored or patterned.

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Vinyl flooring can be used in any environment?

Yes, in any indoor environment, but be careful: buy the product for the specific use. There are some specific lines of vinyl flooring for kitchen or bathroom. It is not recommended for external areas, because the Sun fades the pigment that gives color to the material.

How are sold the vinyl floors?

It can come on plates, rulers or blankets and is sold per square meter. For houses and apartments, generally uses more vinyl flooring that is sold in plates or rulers. Vinyl floor already in manta is most often used in large halls, as offices and industries.

Are usually glued with adhesives, supplied by the manufacturer-however, there are vinyl rules, known as ‘ male and female ‘or’ click’, glue free installation.

How to put a vinyl floor?

Easy, quick and clean, but requires the base material (subfloor) is without any imperfection. The subfloor, which lies under the floor must be clean, smooth, firm, dry and level. The installer normally evaluates the condition of the subfloor and, if necessary, it will indicate a possible correction.

Before installing, applies on the subfloor leveling mass made from a mixture of cement and PVA glue. This information is only for you to control the work of the installer and see if it is using the correct material.

The plates and rules can be installed by the tenant, but it is important that a technician evaluate if the base is good. ABNT recommends that the blankets are installed by skilled labor, because the amendments require professional equipment.

Can I install vinyl flooring over another floor?

Only if it’s about ceramics, porcelain or burnt cement. But watch out and see how it should be the installation on each of them.

If the floor that is already there is ceramic or porcelain tile, just pass first grader mass, so that imperfections and floor joints (grout) does not appear on the vinyl flooring.

If the ceramic or porcelain tiles are bright, before leveling mass will be used a primer to improve adhesion to the base.

In the case of a burnt cement base, very smooth, the initial step of the service is the ground for mass Pinking leveller adhere.

Vinyl flooring can be washed?

Yes, but you can’t be submerged in water, except for kitchen and bathroom. The day to day cleaning is done with Broom of at or squeegee with damp cloth. And for heavy cleaning, use neutral detergent or wax Polish.


If the existing floor is of wood or laminated, they will have to be removed, since, as are natural, they can rot and ruin the brand new floor (or think of a cucumber like that, right?).

If it’s carpet, will also be necessary to remove before.

Important tip

If you are thinking of putting vinyl flooring glued to floor, remember that it probably won’t be possible to preserve the original floor. When you remove the glue used in the installation will likely have harmed the floor that was underneath. If you want to display the previous flooring and vinyl is to stay if only for a while – as in the case of a lease, for example, in which you have to return home with the floor that was – it is better to choose vinyl strips.