Seal Rings-What Does It Have To Do With It?

Is this still modern today? Or is it at all a relic of the upper “class”?Let’s look back: Originally the seal ring was clearly reserved for an elite. Namely, those who presented power, influence and wealth to the outside world. We are talking about a time period that already 2000 v. Has begun. The use of seal rings is documented in all subsequent eras.

A Look Back At The History Of The Seal Ring

It began-as much-in ancient Egypt. There, it was preferred to the Sarabian beetle, who together with the predecessor of the initials – the then hierglyphs-expressed a symbolism. A few centuries later, names, deities, animal motifs and also the lotus blossom became the motif of the ever-widening jewelery.

It was followed by the ancient Persians, Iran and Greece, which at that time still used it, including its intrinsic functionality. However, the main effect in prestige has always been, since the use for sealing could actually have been done differently at that time. The stamp for important documents was made with liquid wax. The engravings in the rings were made mirror-inverted. In this way, fine, technically generated printing has already been developed for drawing and securing written contents.

Only with unaffected seal could the recipient and addressee a kind of data protection operate – the effectiveness was high, the idea may seem comparatively simple. This function has for a long time been obsolete, but the seal ring as such is still an expression of elitist appearance, but also of affiliation. In the past, coats of arms were the hallmarks of aristocratic settlements. Today, a seal ring can also express other connections.

Associations of various kinds still receive with him a kind of appreciation and their representatives are strengthened in the feeling of togetherness. Elitist societies are still taking advantage of it – not infrequently, a classic variant of the seal ring is found in executive boards or “global players”.

The question of the materials lies – not only on their hand: noble metals such as gold and silver are generally the basis for jewelery, so also here. In the past, bronze and copper were also popular.Today, for example, surgeon steel and similar compounds are common-a valuable bridge to modernity is located right here.Sealed stones are still used, or are expressed in terms of earlier, imaginative, powerful creations. The typical seal ring is still a prestigious accessory.

Are There Restrictions On Wearing Seal Rings?

In history there is a restriction of its own, the “infantry” would have been often used for it-but is it actually “allowed” to use foreign coats of arms or symbols of belonging to jewelry? Basically yes, seal rings per se are of course not subject to any special legal regulation.You have to be careful in the individual case-protected but also forbidden contents can very well have a legal aftermath, just as the use of a protected trademark.

However, a Hakenkreuz or the logo of a group will hardly play any role in the selection anyway. Some families, however, still have legal protection in the form of the right of naming with a kind of coat of arms. In individual cases, therefore, a certain problem can arise.However, the mere right of ownership can never be restricted if it is acquired legally.

In the absence of a register, however, a determination of protected coats of arms is often difficult and probably only relevant in the most recent cases. However, this problem is not specific for bearers of Siegelringen and whoever is needed to obtain such information is also given information on the origin and significance of various signs. Watching is more the case with other things.

Does And Dont’s Here Too

In Europe it is less common to equip today with connections with seal rings. However, there are schools or universities in the United States that have been working on it for a long time. There are school crests, the final year and various symbols on the so-called class rings. Whoever, by chance, calls his own, is, however, not limited to wearing the certainly beautiful and expressive accessories.

One thing, however, is almost mandatory: the ring finger is to be used when wearing, on every other finger he would present himself or his owner rather ridiculously. An exception is the small finger.This became popular when, over the years, the size of the ring finger increased and the ring simply did not fit. The best effect, however, he does not develop there.

The direction of rotation of the ring must also be observed: the engraving is aligned to readability in the opposite direction-a letter or symbol is therefore on the “head” from the viewpoint of the wearer.

Trends And Stewardship As Bids

In the case of productions, which are also characterized by accessories as in the case of the Siegelring, certain trends and modern innovations are always developing. The question of stability therefore arises, especially when an antique is worn. In this case, one has only to pay attention to the harmony of the overall performance – added: this only “sounds more banal than it is.

Here I did something with difficult research, because too many rules can restrict the individual expression. However, the following basic rule is important here: Striking accessories require simple clothing-the Siegelring is a marriage-imposing companion and timeless-classic suits do not contradict an ancient style in any way.Jeans and red sports shoes, on the other hand, have a strange effect when the hand-made decoration is adorned with venerable expressions.

For new models, such as silver, it would be a cool combination. The seal ring is a so-called statement jewelery – which also means caution against overload! For this, no powerful gold chains or further imposing rings should be used, the appearance too quickly resembles a Strizzi from the 70s, even if an elegant suit should create the balance. The new productions, however, establish connections in every direction. A few current examples are to inspire as follows.

Modern Sealing Rings

Here, about every time spirit can be found. With “Make love, not war”, a protective attitude to the animal world, ornaments, symbols, drawings, crest-like structures, classically placed precious stones, lettering and skulls, every man of every age can be found.

Of course the instrument of engraving is still today a popular offer for self-realization. Exact craftsmanship is offered by every better specialist dealer. Here, however, to derive general tips is not useful in view of the boundless possibilities. It is important to bear in mind that frequent wear must be compatible with the typical style of clothing, unless you want to integrate it into everyday life but deliberately restrict it to various social occasions.

As a “basic framework” the selection of the material is the basis for harmony with the everyday style: the color nuances of the precious metals give the answer. If you are more of a rocky style, silver is better advised to me than gold-the elegant gentleman, on the other hand, will go back to the latter. Here, any further word would be a restriction and thus too much-the choice is certainly a pleasure in the wide range of today, self-made pure self-realization.In this respect: Have fun browsing and maybe even create your own ring.