School Bags 2016

The bag is our natural extension, our microcosm , the mirror of our soul (other than eyes, if you want to know a person look at them inside the bag!).

The trigger handbags real fixations. I last year I had fixed with a pistachio green bag. I had nothing to go with it, and yet I wanted, so I bought it (it was my creative-bizarre period). This year, I’m obsessed with the city bag red and electric blue (they are in the urban-chic period )… This is to say that no matter how many bags a woman have in the closet, there will always be one more than he wants. Maybe because of the color, the shape, for convenience, because it is a new brand that we like, because he is well with their shoes purchased last week, because… I could go on and on. So when a woman falls in love with a bag like this, because it always finds a thousand!

And with each change of season the purchase of the bag (but also of the bags) becomes increasingly a key event. Almost as if there portassimo behind the legacy of the school backpack but evolved version: in September there will always want a new bag for the winter, you noticed?

So to help you purchase, here are my tips on bags must-have this season.

First, one of the trends that will go for the higher the strap. Chic and comfortable at the same time, the new shoulder bags and shoulder bags for fall / winter lend themselves to many combinations thanks to different versions: from colorful, perfect for the day, with suits but also bon ton coats, jeans and blazer to sporty or straps more easy, perfect combinations with more casual, with jeans jumpsuit, soft pants, sweatshirts and sneakers.

And there are straps in night version, more ladylike and precious, but always comfortable, suitable for different occasions.

Other trends for autumn-winter bags? Definitely a return to the big backpack

But also bags and pockets , very comfortable to get around town, but also for the office, shopping, walk with the kids…

And what of my beloved city bags? Typical metropolitan environment, the city bags are roomy but chic and are great to pass by the office happy hour without having to change one iota.

Do you love the extravagant bags, perhaps with the quid extra that makes them unique? Well, then this year you are spoiled for choice between the bags with spotted or valuable materials such as python details , and which are more alternatives and details like these, perfect for a street style that stands out: