Save Money With Low-Cost Wedding Favors!

With the arrival of the wedding period it is natural that the bride and groom are concerned about the details of the party and even how not to spend too much.

In any case to save on this date it is necessary to review all the preparations of the marriage. It is possible to organize all the details leaving the wedding cheaper, however, elegant and beautiful.

In order to contain the expenses an alternative is to create a list with all the expenses of the marriage of this form, the bride and groom need to check everything that they will spend on the cheaper wedding favors featured by Lawfaqs.

Most grooms spend a lot on wedding preparations such as buffet, ceremony, costumes, photography and filming, musical groups, decorations and even wedding favors, however there are a few ways to dodge this detail and save money.

What is indicated is to search for several locations and see which one is more pleasing and which is affordable. You can search and order through multiple online stores with this service specialty.

For souvenirs , one way is to look for traditional items but not expensive and have several options in the market, so the couple can bargain and find these items at low prices.

To help in the process we separate some wedding favors that can cost up to $ 15, check:

Low-Cost Wedding Souvenirs

Custom Bullets

One tip is to create bullets with custom packaging. There are some places that do this type of service and the most interesting is that bullets have low prices especially when they are bought in large quantity.

Pvc Pipes

Other inexpensive items are PVC tubing with heart shaped balloon and thank you label. In addition to leaving cockroaches are very cute and delicate wedding favors. Your guests will love receiving them.

The Art Wedding website, produce these items for only $ 5. An economical option that does not weigh in your pocket.

Customized Fans

On hot days the fan is also a good choice of souvenirs. Don Bosco Festas, for example, creates personalized packaging for R $ 5.50. Depending on the amount the budget is very profitable.

Pepper Seedlings

For you who want to marry the environmentally friendly theme and want to scare away the bad energies and still stay within budget, an alternative is to distribute among your peppermint guests. The company E-souvenirs, produces these souvenirs for $ 7.50.

Potinho With Third

Those most devout couples can give their guests pothole with third. The Cadô Regalos ( produces for R $ 14.

It is important to remember that all of these items may have price and availability subject to change.

In addition to this option of buying wedding favors already made, another way to save money is to put your hand in the dough and produce your own souvenirs.

There are several ways to create them and just let go of your imagination and creativity. We selected some suggestions of souvenirs that can cost less than $ 10.00, check:

Souvenirs Made Out Of Paper

For you that likes practicality and economy the tip is to make your souvenirs on paper. Whatever the type of paper you have several alternatives to create souvenirs like: baskets,  boxes with thank you messages, pockets, flowers, hearts, origami and a myriad of things. What really matters is your good taste and your creativity!

Box With Thank You Message

Paper Bag


EVA Material Souvenirs

Another super cheap alternative is to create souvenirs with EVA plates. EVA is a widely used rubber in many handiwork, it is super easy to handle.

You can create and make different souvenirs that, besides being simple, can be sophisticated such as hearts, flowers, baskets, figures of notions among others. Here are some gift ideas for inspiration:

Figure Of EVA Engagement Figures

My Account


Fabric Souvenirs

The fabric also becomes indispensable when it comes to making your  own souvenirs. It is a material that leaves your sweetest and delicate souvenir and you can create or even personalize objects that you already own in your house like boxes, cans, glass pots, bottles among others.

One tip is to use lace fabrics for boxes and more floral fabrics for pots or bottles, but it all depends on your taste. Use your creativity and caprice in ideas!

Box Made Of Lace Fabric

Sweet Potato With Floral Fabric

Custom Tin Can With Fabric

If you are a full hand seamstress, another tip is to make cloth bags to put something inside like candy, candy or another option of your own.

The interesting thing is that the bag can also be useful for the guests to use as a gift.

One more detail that can make your souvenir a drag is to add mini thirds. Your pampering will be beautiful and charming!

Sachets Of Fabric With Third