Sarah Jessica Parker: Your Most Beautiful Hairstyles

Sarah Jessica Parker celebrates her 45th birthday. We show their most beautiful hairstyles and reveal how you can make it to. Also: Vote you your favorite hairstyle!

Sarah Jessica Parker: Blonde Curls À La Carrie

So we learned about Carrie in “Sex and the City”. A blond curly head, even velvety styled, even pretty neat wavy. In season 1 was Sarah Jessica Parker 1998-then 33 years old-blonde, today the birthday child on a darker tone is gone. So we can do it: Pull and a turn and strong to blow at least shoulder-length, damp hair on Papillots Centre parting. Before you take the Papillots again, hair turned up should cool down well.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Soft Waves Like Carrie In Paris

Soft waves with effeminate Strand. So Carrie traveled in season 6 of “Sex and the city” to Paris, the big Happy ending with Mr. big. A real romantic hairstyle–her favorite? How it works: Pull side parting, spray the hair with a heat protection spray and blow dry. Then brush out and turn in small sections with a curling iron. Wait until the hair are cool, then the hair gently pulling from the curling iron.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Glamour Plug Style For The Red Carpet

Plug-in hairstyle to the small black and bling bling jewelry at the shawl collar-très chic!

So go: step 1: First, the mind game to back comb then the hair with transparent Hair ties bind to two densely stacked ponytails. It is important that the braids to sit at the back of the head. Step 2: The two strands twist around each other: the lower section to the right around the top hair rubber wrap, stuck. Step 3:Then wrap to the left in the top section of hair and also stuck. Fix very fine hair at the end with some hair spray.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Big Wave

When her husband Matthew Broderick, a star on the walk of Fame got Sarah Jessica showed this much photographed marine style with glamorous hair shafts. So we can imitate the Hollywood wave: Strands of hair from the top until just under the Chin on large rollers turn. Turn the winder for particular momentum in the front sections of hair so that the hair be wrapped from top to bottom. On dry and allow to cool off.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Dark Curl

So dark we have not seen in the last ten years. Sarah Jessica Parker wore in recent years still brunette curls, how such as 1984 in “Footloose”. So we can style it to: you should be aware that if you color your hair in a dark brown: intense tints are permanent hair colors in weaker concentration (“2” is written on the packaging). They cheat away strands of gray and pale after a few weeks. The growing hair is considerably brighter, you can see also here an approach-all four weeks tones after the. Who would like to fully cover such as gray, must take the hair colors that are marked with a “3”. This color grow out; Approach to color every six weeks.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Loose Plug Hairstyle

Sarah Jessica Parker is not only fashion but also hair style icon. With their new Dress ups, it provides us inspiration, also try a casual Glam look on the red carpet. To how we do it at the next Academy Awards: With the curling iron in waves turn the hair to dry. Then “messy” assemble strand strand loose at the back of the head. The pony game mittelscheiteln and secure it with hair spray to the face.

Sarah Jessica Parker: High

This hairstyle at least 5 centimeters to cheat the 1.61-meter birthday child. You have no long mane of wall and still want a Dutt of à la SJP? So it works: For this updo, you need at least shoulder length hair according to tips on MABLETONPRODUCTS. Tie back hair loose a braid at the back of the head and again tie the ends together with a hair tie. Take the braids down and assemble both ponytail with a clamp. Finally the resulting Chignon (French: topknot) fan gently apart, thoroughly stuck with hair pins on both sides, and distribute some shine spray on the hair.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Light Blonde With Angled Bangs

Usually we see Sarah Jessica Parker with strands or curly hair. It was during her pregnancy with son James Wilkie Beach blond and smooth. You must color pregnant at all? Permanent hair colors are always in the criticism. Hair experts like Dr. Gerhard Nohynek, Scientific Director of Toxicology at L’ Oréal international and lecturer at the University of Brussels, believes wrongly.Because all hair colors are tested across the EU on a possible fruit-damaging effect in concentrations which are home use thousands of times higher than those. If you want to play it safe, take pure bleaches and intensive brightener, they contain no dyes. As a pregnant woman, you should not turn when you tend to (contact) allergies, or are extensively tattooed. In the case of a reaction, antihistamines and cortisone-containing creams can be questionable.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Shiny Curls

A mane of curls that looks shiny and neat-your favorite hairstyle from Sarah Jessica Parker? So we can also do it:The smaller the winder, the smaller the curl. For a very natural result take different sized rods. Keep, long, curly hair, winder only take out if your hair are cool completely after the drying. Hot rollers are fixed: warm, turn into dry hair, cool, take out. There are swirls curl Papillots. So they get a great bounce, fine strands separate and each section of hair until turn into itself, then roll on the Papillote. Individual strands can be quickly circle with the curling iron. Because the heat stretched hair, prefer not to often apply and previously a protective fluid spray.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Sleek Look

That naturally wavy hair is also like to time smooth Sarah Jessica. Like here in the tiered sleek look. So we can do it:Coat damp hair with a heat protection spray. Pull a centre parting. Then blow-dry on large circular brushes ever gatt. Then streak to streak through a straightening iron and fix it with some hair spray.On the next page: vote you your favorite hairstyle from Sarah Jessica Parker!