Sapphire Screens, LG and Samsung Are Studying to Implement Its Use

When we buy a new device we try to take care of it to the maximum, protecting both the shock as possible friction that may occur to the screen. Today with solutions such as Gorilla Glass possible everyday scratches don’t care much since the screens have evolved in terms of its strength, but a fall or a blow without much importance can have a fatal outcome.

LG and Samsung are studying the viability of this material for future smartphones and tablets of higher range, and rumors suggest that the tests have already begun. The setbacks are the high price to produce it in large quantities and the difficulty of work it because of its hardness. His favor is that only diamond is harder than he by what their resistance to the passage of time would be very good.

Anyway it is not the first time that we see in the telephony market this material as marks as They were already using Vertu on the screens of their high-cost devices. Apple on the other hand used it in the glass that covers the camera in your iPhone 5s, but isn’t the same use it for this purpose than to cover the front of a terminal 5 inch.

This movement of technology companies may be caused by the discovery of a new method to reduce costs of production of Sapphire, but rumors suggest that These plans are medium-long term. And I wonder, in the hypothetical case that the glass breaks how much it cost us replace it? seeing that this fix does not currently nor much less economic