Samsung Wave 3 in the Test

Samsung has revised its in-house operating system. Can convince the first model with 2.0, 3, Samsung wave Bada? Our test is the answer.

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To Bada, the hotel’s own mobile operating system by Samsung, it had become in this country quiet lately. But still waters are notoriously low: so Bada was able to overtake 2011 Microsoft’s Windows phone in the world market according to the analysts at Gartner in the third quarter. So the success story not in stalled unit and properly takes ride in Germany, Koreans already presented at the IFA with Bada 2.0 not only an update of their OS (Operating System) but with the models wave 3, M wave and wave Y put a completely new line-up on the table. Now finally to have the series version of the top model of wave 3 of 459 euros – and must of course now the hard test procedure connect confront.

Noble appearance

With the appearance of wave 3 itself could elicit an appreciative tongue snapping-drenched test editors. No wonder because stands out immediately the Samsung with his jacket brushed aluminum from the black army of plastic smartphones. Since the perfect workmanship must be mentioned hardly still extra. Noteworthy: Battery, SIM card and micro SD slot not sit under should cover, but are accessible via a Slidermechanik very elegant. The housing can be this upwards pulled a piece and releases to the lower back area.

Not only materials and processing are at top level, also the capacitive 4-inch touch screen with 480 x 800 pixels is a treat – and not only because of his direct response to touch. OLED display of the latest generation represents natural and not as exaggerated as previous displays of this type colors. As for OLEDs, the brightness value is less something than with TFT screens. But the achieved 292 cd/m2 of all honor worth.

Bada 2.0 with new features

The latest variant of Bada offers some improvements compared to the previous versions. So proficient multitasking Bada 2.0 Smartphones now, respond to voice commands (text to speech), use gespochenen text font to (speech to text) and control WiFi-direct, can couple two or more compatible devices without additional router. The personal touch is also capitalized: the wave 3 offers not only the usual settings in the main and at the main menu, but also when viewing the screen lock. Here, now about weather data can be embedded. And last but not least, it allows to create Bada 2.0 folder in the main menu, so simply grouping similar programs. Also the integrated WebKit Open source browser Dolfin presents significantly improved in version 3.0. The page layout is much snappier and the operation is more convenient by hand.

Also the main menu of the wave 3 more interesting features found in worship. Via the icon “music hub” the user comes to the music store 7Digital, the “social hub” bundles all messages in a portal and the Messenger ChatOn is a cross-platform news service. It is intuitive and easy to use and provides even Smartphone novices with no insoluble tasks.

No NFC for the wave 3

The technical basis of wave 3 is with 1.4 GHz processor, fast n Wi-FI, A-GPS and HSPA + on the prior of period. However, the 3 gigabytes of memory, which also still need to share system and user are very calculated for a Smartphone of this caliber. So, only 1 GB remains the owner of the wave 3 at the end. Fortunately, you can easily expand this narrow reserve via the micro SD slot of below the said battery cover to up to 32 GB. That’s enough for a larger music collection including some videos.

What does the wave 3 not on board: an NFC chip. This is a shame, after all, the two smaller wave models, which unfortunately still were not available laboratory test, are equipped with the modern short-range radio. May the metal interferes with the smooth function. And because NFC is used also for sensitive data transmission such as cashless payment, Samsung has been here probably play it safe.

Entertainers included

The wave 3 on the subject of entertainment is in its element. When it comes to music hardly a Smartphone is the Bada newcomer. So the wave 3 has one of the best music players. It provides various sound settings, an attractive Coverflow display and the ability to beam the current playback wirelessly directly to compatible playback systems via DLNA.

Something unusual the headphone jack now sitting on the bottom, but no further upsets in everyday life. The balanced frequency response with a total harmonic distortion of only 0.03%, as well as a signal to noise 96 dB the technical data agree. For more oomph when listening to the used eavesdropper may be also gladly somewhat bass heavily tuned.

However, the Bada-shop “Samsung Apps” has catching up to do compared to Apple’s app store, the Android market, and also the Windows Marketplace. Currently listed here about 12_500 of the mini programs popular among users – significantly less than the listed competitors. The main tools, games and Add-ons are available also in the Bada-shop to purchase by credit card or for free download.

Data sheet

Operating system Bada 2.0
Processor / clock speed (MHz) K.a.. / 1400
internal memory (MB) 2920
Memory card slot MicroSD
QWERTY keyboard / touchscreen / multitouch / /
Battery type / variable Li-ion /.
Headset / data cable Stereo headset /.
Size of memory card
Charging cable for the car / holder for your car /
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / / /
GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / LTE / / /
HSDPA / HSUPA 14.4 / 5.76
Wi-FI standard 802.11b / g / n
… Headset / Handsfree / A2DP / /
… Object push / OBEX / AVRCP / /
… SIM access, phone book / HID / /
USB type / storage / charging / /
Type / size (inch) OLED / 4
Resolution (PX) 480 x 800
Number of colors 16.7 m
Call list / language selection /
Situation profiles / airplane mode / vibrating alert 3 /. /
Handsfree / mute /
Email / POP3 / IMAP / HTML / / /
Contact management
Phone numbers / E-Mail addresses (number per contact) 7 / 3 / 3
Image / notes field / date of birth / /
Appointment management
Day / week / month view / /
weekly / annual events /
Alarm clock when device is off
Sync: Outlook / Mac optional /.
Notes: Outlook-sync
Look at Word / edit /
Consider Excel / edit /
PDF Viewer / calculator / voice memo / /
Web / frame / Java / Java scripting / / /
Flash / https / home / Favorites / /
Audio format: MP3 / WMA / M4A / AAC / / /
Video player / full screen display /
Video format: 3GP / MP4 / WMV / /
Integrated camera
Resolution (megapixel) 4.9
Receiver GPS / A-GPS /
Navi-software / onboard / offboard Samsung LBS (Route66) /. /
Navi / route planner Test license for 1 month /.
Dimensions in mm 126 x 65 x 11
Weight (grams) 128
Endurance D power (hours) 10:09 am
Endurance interview E-Netz (hours) 11:46
Endurance conversation UMTS (hours) 5:53 am
type. Endurance (hours) 5:36 am
standard radiation factor / SAR value (manufacturer) 0.09 / 0,834


ENDURANCE (100) well over 95
Endurance talk (35) 35
Persistence display mode (65) 60
FACILITIES (170) satisfying 116
System (15) 7
Scope of delivery (10) 3
Display (40) 29
Connectivity (15) 11
Phone features (10) 10
Messaging (15) 13
PIM (15) 13
Office (5) 5
Web browser (15) 9
Camera (15) 7
Music and video (10) 6
Navigation (5) 3
HANDLING (140) good 111
Ease of handling 35
User interface 53
Processing quality 23
MEASUREMENTS (90) well 71
Transmission and reception quality GSM (30) 23
Transmission and reception quality UMTS (30) 22
Acoustic measurements send (15) 14
Acoustic measurements receiving (15) 12