Samsung Galaxy S Already with Ice Cream Sandwich Using Custom ROM

A few days ago we communicated that Samsung He had decided to postpone the update to Ice Cream Sandwich for their newer terminals until the second quarter of 2012. Some users are sure that they show relieved, after seeing as Google was left to your Nexus One to be decided that it had been left short of specifications; but others, seeking to accelerate that date, will surely rely on unofficial alternatives, as the Custom ROMs prepared by one of the groups of developers.

In this adventure by receiving Ice Cream Sandwich prior to the official date is the Samsung Galaxy S, that you can already receive this update by Custom ROM prepared from the source code extracted from the SDK of ICS. It should be noted that this terminal meets the same specifications as the Nexus S, which Google has confirmed that it will be the first to receive the desired update, although if you do not want to wait for Samsung to make the decision you can do so now at your own risk.

This Custom ROM ICS It was born from the version to the Nexus S and should be noted that is still in alpha phase, but it suggests ways since almost every day will improve functions. It has been created by some members of the group that developed the MIUI ROM, which is a guarantee of success and good technical support, which you can follow through the thread in the Forum of XDA Developers, where you also have the Download link. As we explain, the installation process It would be the same as you continue to install a MIUI or CyanogenMod 7 ROM.

Best of all is that with this Custom ROM it is clear that where not arrive manufacturers put his hand the community of developers, although as this terminal will surely have said that there should be no problem by Samsung. So those who want to tinker a bit with your Galaxy S and decide to take the first step, which leave us in the comments that it works them and what you think ICS.

In any case it is matter of waiting that Google submit the update for the Nexus S and from there can hit better with the drivers for the Galaxy S. For the rest of users just add that do not despair, because surely that since some group like CyanogenMod will end up taking the corresponding update for one list of terminals; of those manufacturers will not have in the list. Well by all!