Romantic and Vintage Decor

Bet on a decorating style is great for those who still have doubts and do not know how to decorate. Each style has its personality and elements that define, for example, we talked about here on the blog about the rustic décor, modern, vintage and today is the turn of romantic decor. Separate images and tips for you to be inspired and create beautiful environments, renovating the entire house.

The best romantic decor

The romantic style is a blend of classical, however, with the insertion of floral parts and items that refer to something more delicate. The tones used in any décor are pulled into the cake, sometimes with damask wallpaper. The environment with romantic decor project passes ares of tranquillity, being widely used in the master bedroom or the girl.

Floral Pillows, quilts in pink or cream tones and furnishings with Classic Renaissance drawings are the elements that most mark the romantic decor. The essence is to bring a comfortable using, often ancient furnishings. The docel is also something that leaves the very romantic atmosphere and, particularly, girls have a greater appreciation for this item. >>

A vintage and modern decor

Who wants to opt for vintage décor doesn’t have to be stuck to the Provencal-style furniture and pastel colors. The current allows a variation greater boldness of color with touch of romanticism in small objects. The images below are there to show in practice what we mean: the color’s wall read strong is merged with the floral paintings and arrangements which refer directly to the romantic décor.

In the kitchen, the bet of romantic decor is in flower arrangements, in guipir napkins and plates and cutlery with classic design. In the living room, there is also space for the floral and more sophisticated sofas and armchairs. In this environment, work in works of art, objects vintages and floral pillows.