Review: Eyeliner Gel from Mary Kay

RA! I told you you’d love giveaway!? lol So if you’re not participating in it or not, you know, just click here that everything is explained. And good luck to all!!!

As a promise is a debt. There’s the book review on Mary Kay gel liner that’s in the draw, remembering that the Lottery’s comfy here, ok!? RS to Aline gave one to each of us and how I enjoyed I’m review.

They are part of the collection of Mary Kay, the Hollywood Mystique, and came in two colors: Black (black) and Tempting Teal (turquoise blue beautiful). The packaging is glass, overweight and has a red cap all that mirror is a luxury only!!! RS Each comes with a liner brush, with firm bristles and that allow you to make a thin and thicker too. Something pretty cool of the brush is that it pulls the cable part turn a cap (do not know if I explained right, but calm that has picture!), there can carry him everywhere without making scratch or ruin the bristles! I loved it!!

n General, the eyeliners are very creamy and pigmented. The Black is a very dark black (lol!) that serves both to do a delineated more marked as something more esfumadinho. Tempting Teal is a beautiful shade of turquoise blue with micro shimmer blue, you don’t get to be something Carnival … are very discreet and give a sophisticated atmosphere. I thought the turquoise a little less pigmented than the black (the color doesn’t “stick” as much as the black), but just apply with a little more product that it all works out. It’s nothing so drastic!lol I have to admit that I once loved the turquoise … seriously! Looks great on who has Brown eyes and highlights. Loved forever! RS

The most outstanding difference was in relation to their consistency, the MAC is more “thick” and the Mary Kay is more creamy and slips more easily. The test that I did not think there was a strong difference between them. Marcella used the Black Mary Kay in that beautiful wedding that she was (this here!) and says he’s not blurred or out of place by the end of the party.

Conclusion and my opinion:

Seen some reviews about eyeliners Mary Kay showing that they blur when used for longer … Well, I’ve never had this kind of problem with any eyeliner or pencil, then I don’t know what to say. All I know is that I used often, even on hot days, the eyeliner got in my eye straight. I’ve never tested any other gel eyeliner unless the MAC and I can say that I was amazed … in the good sense of the thing! RS The Mary Kay are great … so for those who’re wanting one and doesn’t want to spend more than 90 in the tale of the MAC.. the game is played in the Mary Kay which costs only 47 slips and has 1.5 g of the product more!! lol I found the quality very close and maybe even equal to the MAC. And I swear I’m very in love with turquoise < 3

Has anyone had a chance to test the gel eyeliners Mary Kay or any other brand without being MAC!??? What do you think of them!!??