Recycle Your Old Sweaters

With winter gear cabinet you have been found to have many things you no longer use? Do not throw them and follow our guidelines to recycle creatively old sweaters giving them a new life!

Who said that a sweater should remain just that? Setting in motion the imagination and giving vent to your creativity you can recycle in a creative way all those clothing items that are now gone out of fashion or you do not like anymore.

If you are short of ideas we suggest us what to create with old sweaters! You have a kitten that needs a new pillow? Take one of the sweaters you no longer use, cut the sleeves and with a little’of cloth filled the torso, sew the perimeter and gives your pet something comfortable and warm!

By recycling old sweaters you can also create wool bags: you just need to cut the sleeves sweater and open along the seams, give your new shopper shape you like best, and then sew using a wire of the same color of the wool.

You are fond of accessories and you like having new and ever colorful? With wool sweaters that you want to recycle, you can play your bangles and use them in an alternative way even in winter.

During the winter you always cold and you love to color and model of gloves? Recycle an old sweater and regalagli a new life: you just need to take the shape of your hand, cut along the perimeter and mend.

Among the many ways to recycle your old sweaters there is also a truly original: have you ever thought of creating a patchwork quilt with scraps of colored wool? For winter you can warm yourself in a fun way!

In the gallery in Cosycardigan we have selected some DIY ideas to recycle creatively old sweaters: green light to the imagination!