Recyclable Wedding Favors: 6 Ideas To Inspire You

In times where sustainability is a watchword, worrying about detail in this matter for your marriage is also a way of spreading the idea.

There are many ways to be sustainable with both civil and religious marriage parties and you can work them in varied and incredible ways. Below are 6 amazing tips for recyclable wedding favors that you can give out to your most loved friends and relatives at your party.

1 – Sweet Pudding With Can Of Milk

You can use milk cans, chocolates, or any other consumable items that are usually disposed of after you use them. Aluminum cans take hundreds of years for the natural degradation and reusing them you avoid waste and also have a beautiful souvenir for your wedding.

The decoration is due to its creativity. In the cans above they were coated with paper and the finish was done with a spin, but you can paint, stick, among other options.

2 – Plant Vase With Sackcloth

In that you can also use grocery cans, but the coating is totally different and interesting. Just as in the image below, you will coat the recycled vase with sackcloth.

You find it in various fabric stores, but if you want to save money, you will find many bags at free markets and still helps not to let them dumped in the wild. Just wash well and shape your keepsake. The finish may be with a fabric flower as well, as shown below or other recyclable material of your choice.

3 – Vintage Picture Frame Or Door

Look at the beautiful idea of ​​the photo below. The frame uses simple elements and a wealth of incredible taste. The object can be varied and a heart falls very well. You can also change the flower by the name, the coat of arms or the initials of the couple. Dare and have a beautiful result.

4 – Recyclable Fabric Cushions

See how beautiful the result is! The cushions below were made from cotton fabrics and sacks. The painting of the coat can be made by hand to be even more stylized. There are specialty fabric stores and you have beautiful recyclable wedding favors as a result.

5 – Bowls And / Or Candle Holder With Sackcloth

With small details in the decoration of a simple glass you have as a result beautiful wedding favors. In the example of the photo below, cloth fabrics were used and as indicated above, they can be bought in stores or panned at fairgrounds.

You can also use the same idea to decorate candle holders. In technology-wiki, your wedding favors will look even more beautiful if you also make handmade candles with various aromas. Below you have a simple and quick tutorial.

6 – Candy In Jars Of Recyclable Supplies

You sure buy olives, palm hearts, plums and even jams in jams, do not you? Grocery glasses are very common and generally taken advantage of in various ways day to day.

With some units, ribbons, recyclable fabrics and daring, you have as a result beautiful wedding favors. To gift your guests, choose different candy flavors, season fruits and preferably homemade.