Qlocktwo, Reading The Hour With Words

Accustomed to reading the hour in digits comes a new way of doing it. Now, we can read the time in words, as we would if we tried to write it or read it in paper form.

With Qlocktwo watches we forget the classic watches with hands and numbers, to discover an innovative and pleasingly attractive design.

There is no doubt that this watch surprises in design and, above all, in concept. It is a compact clock with an unrivaled modern essence that can be integrated into the different spaces of the house such as the living room, bedroom, work room and even the kitchen.

As we can appreciate, any stay is good if what we want is to bring a sophisticated and innovative touch to space. Also, the variety in colors helps us to create a more or less relaxed air, at the same time that we can vary the finish of the metal.

Also, we have the possibility of installing them on the wall or, if we prefer, make it work as a desktop clock helping us with a vertical stand that is included in the piece.

Within the range of options offered by this firm, we find Qlocktwo Touch, an alarm clock that will work from bedside table to bedroom. Be that as it may, the truth is that any of the available options will accompany us in our day to day without losing its functional character and offering to the space a unique, innovative and very sophisticated style.

The firm is present in the current exhibition of interior design and architecture Casa Decor that iscelebrated in Madrid during the month of June.


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Functionality and Design: What a Wall Clock Can Do

A decorative figure that possibly inhabits almost every home is possibly a clock. In this sense, we find a collection of Nomon wall  clocks  that will bring a unique and very exclusive touch to space.

As specialists in watches that is this signature, we can appreciate that any of its designs offer us a distinctive style where we are going to integrate them. It is also a way to add an original air to the space, without losing sight of its main function.

Therefore, we find functionality and design in the watches of this firm. A design that goes from the simplest, yet without losing that creative touch that keep all his creations, even the most innovative and surprising.

Not to mention this last example, where will be the same wall and door of a kitchen that will respond the time that is in each moment.

It is, therefore, an ideal option for stylish homes and where creativity does not entail any limit. The best way to combine the most practical and functional sense of the day to day and, in turn, add an innovative and avant-garde touch through one of the most classic figures in history.