Purses and Wallets 2016:Trends, Men’s Rates

Purses and wallets 2016: trends, men’s rates, learn the latest news about these accessories that are quite practical and important in our daily lives.

In addition to helping to transport safely, fundamental items for use in daily routine, their purses and wallets can also contribute to complement the book, leaving the look more attractive.

Available in different versions, models and materials to manufacture, these male accessories are great and indispensable for all profiles of men, and can be used in various occasions.

Purses and wallets 2016: trends, men’s rates

Interesting alternative to traditional backpacks, the male 2016 bags are great for use at work, at school, in the gym, to load the materials and for those times when you need to carry a lot of documents and other items.

Among the trends of male purses 2016, one of the highlights is the handbag of type barrel, which has been widely adopted by men, for use in various situations. Handbags for men with cross handle are also good alternatives, as well as the traditional folder mailman and travel bags.

With regard to male 2016 portfolios, you will also find numerous choices of models, colors and brands, to carry money, credit cards, cheques and documents with more security and, at the same time elegance.

The trends of wallets for men 2016 have highlighted portfolio models more compact and versatile, allowing you to better organize the items to the user, without sounding like you’re carrying a brick in my pocket. But for both, the man must also contribute, taking on the portfolio only the essential, to avoid her full and big.

How much do they cost

The men’s handbags prices vary according to the model, the material of manufacture, the marks and the size of the attachment, but in General, you can find good options costing between R $100 and R $200, and you can find even some more expensive models , they cost almost R $2,000.

In the case of men’s wallets, prices you can find interesting and practical models costing less than R $100. For those who want to invest in versions of famous brands, there are purses that cost more than R $1,000.

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