Prince George Sweater

After new photos released by the royal family, clothes worn by the baby of 16 months is played on auction site

The “Prince George Effect” is back.A day after the British royal family released new pictures of the 16-month-old baby, the sweater he was wearing has already been identified and appears on the eBay auction site for double the price.


Models of clothing, the Cath Kidston brand, which costs on average £ 32 are no longer found in stores, according to the Daily Mail.Mothers who want to buy an equal model will have to dispute the used ones.You can find six units of the sweater – all of which originate in the United Kingdom.The most expensive, with 14 bids, is coming off for $ 230.48.The cheapest, with six bids, leaves for $ 55.74 – and accepts order to Brazil.

The Sales Effect George
Since Kate Middleton was engaged, there is a “fever” around the Duchess of Cambridge, fed mainly by the English paparazzi: one had to see and identify the clothes she wore and wore.When Kate became pregnant, interest only increased.And, after he was born, all the pieces she or George wore turned into sales phenomena.The cart bought for the real baby burst into sales after tabloids figured out what the brand was – with the shawl he left the maternity house the same happened.Middleton’s polka-dot dress dies.”He’s a high profile baby who brings a lot of attention and excitement to the brand,” a British design told Forbes magazine.”It has been phenomenal for any business to have Prince George wearing pieces from the collection. Personally, as a British citizen, if there is a child I’d like to wear it’s him.”

Many brands benefited were not so well known. Les Petit Abeilles became famous after George appeared in sailor-printed overalls. “It was a great surprise and honor to see Prince George,” said Désirée von Hohenlohe, founder of Les Petit Abeilles. “It gave us a huge boost in sales and we received emails from all over the world with people asking for clothes.” According to the businesswoman, fashion magazines called the company asking to photograph clothes from the fall collection and the huge exhibition motivated new designs of the brand. Baby George turned out to be an informal “ambassador” of the brand, which today uses this as propaganda.