Price to Spend on Engagement Ring

For taking away the adventures of my sister and my brother-in-law, rather preppy both in their quest for the engagement ring, I asked myself the question of the budget that could be reasonably put. For me, it was much easier! As an elder, I had the privilege of inheriting a family jewel, which has through the years without taking a single wrinkle (well Yes, these beautiful things last a lifetime!), and this for my more great happiness, because you know my fondness for old jewellery:) So to help to couples who consider the stage of the engagement as important in their life to two project (Besides, either incidentally, many more) and getting martel at the top to search this famous ring, I did a little survey around me to have an idea of the views on the subject.

And here is what comes out. Two schools, one who surfed the wave of modernity and that swears by the vintage. Let’s start with future brides who are in the era of time. They agree to mark this day with a beautiful jewel certainly and agree to put between 200 and 400 euros in a contemporary ring, yellow or rose gold and decorated with precious stones such as Amethyst or the acute marine, supported with small diamonds. This represents approximately a tenth of the wages of those who will have to put the hand in the Pocket, the priority of the couple being so rather prepare a big wedding or set aside for their future life.

Continue by the unconditional beautiful yesteryear jewelry, those who have a history… They are also convinced that the fact of wearing a beautiful jewel augurs a relationship without clouds and that will last! And there, opinions converge: the amount allocated for the acquisition of these wonders is between 1000 and 2500 euros. At this price, they can expect to have a nice engagement ring shaped flowers and decorated with diamonds, a model in white gold set with round diamonds, gold and Platinum mount or a kitten square ring adorned with diamonds.

One thing is certain, this engagement ring will be offered at a moment of great emotion, in the presence of relatives or for a more intimate romantic dinner.

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