Pregnant: 10 Most Common Questions

All mothers, especially first-time mothers, but not only, are accompanied by many doubts during pregnancy.

Pregnant: 10 Most Common Questions

And if they often remember to ask their obstetrician, other times they are assaulted by uncertainties at home.

To help you feel calmer and clearer, you can find the answer to the most frequently asked questions here. Check out our list.

The 10 most common doubts of pregnant women

One of the 10 most common doubts of pregnant women is the consumption of coffee. Coffee can continue to be consumed during pregnancy, having to be careful not to drink too much. That is, coffee, yes, but more than one or two a day, no.

Like other seasonings, pepper is also allowed, but of course, in moderation. In excess, it can cause gastric problems.

Raw fish You
should avoid eating raw fish as much as possible during pregnancy, as you may be at risk of infection. So, leave the sushi aside during pregnancy.

Although it is less caloric than sugar, sweeteners should be avoided during pregnancy. To substitute sugar, prefer stevia or sucralose.

Discolor hair
If using hydrogen peroxide, it may cause discoloration. If the product is ammonia, then it is prohibited in pregnant women.

Capillary Cauterization
If the composition of the products does not include any substance harmful to the baby, you can perform this capillary treatment.

Hair Straightening Hair
Straightening is prohibited in pregnant women.

Eye drops
The use of medications, such as eye drops, should not be used during pregnancy as certain substances can pass into the baby. If in doubt, you should always consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

Although there are no special contraindications, the tattoo should be avoided at this stage as it is a painful procedure and this will shake the baby.

Many women are concerned about doing some exercise during pregnancy in order to control their weight. However, although a light race is acceptable up to a certain height, this should only be performed under the guidance of a professional. The ideal is to bet on walks, activity with less impact.