Pregnancy Pains-Muscle and Joint Pain

Some pregnant women pass the entire pregnancy without feeling any symptoms and feel no pain, but most feel muscle aches and joint pain, are quite common and pains can arise throughout the pregnancy, in different part of the body and with different intensities, is the body to adapt to changes in your body.

With pregnancy the whole body and its functions suffer changes, the belly grows, your uterus grows and stretches and presses the organs and bones, due to the pressure might even feel some difficulty breathing, the good news is that after the baby is born the most pain disappears.

In addition to the pain caused by the increase in weight, as well as changes in levels of hormones can cause back pain, hips, knees and ankles. Complaints of pain to get worse in the last trimester of pregnancy.


How to avoid muscle and joint pain in pregnancy?

Back pain

The pregnant woman can feel pain in the lumbar region, in the lower back and leg pain, and worse if you have a lot of time sitting or standing. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes and place a pillow between your legs when sleeping on your side.

Pain in the ankles

Ankle pain is caused by the increase in weight and the accumulation of fluid in the legs. Make healthy eating and balanced and do physical exercise indicated by your doctor throughout your pregnancy.


Are very common during pregnancy, especially in the legs and back. Make a food rich in calcium, ingesting milk and its derivatives at least three times a day and potassium.

Joint pains

Joint pain is the most frequent in pregnant women and can, in some cases, lead to pain or numbness in the extremities of the body, especially in the hands. To avoid this kind of pain to maintain proper posture, avoid excessive increase in weight and talks exercise.