Prada Wallet As a Gift

The Prada wallet is suitable for the small luxury for Christmas as a gift. The legendary Prada accessories naturally complement the look of discerning ladies and gentlemen, but they are also a way to enjoy luxury for those who can not afford complete Prada outfits and Prada bags.The Prada accessories enchant the everyday with a special flair.
A Prada wallet can be worn with every purchase and always has pleasure.The particularly high-quality small leather accessories are very carefully and form-stable, have many card compartments and securely lockable cash gel couches and they are handy.

The Italian premium label Prada was founded by the brothers Mario and Martino in Milan in 1913.It became the royal court supplier in 1919.Prada bags and luggage quickly made a name for themselves.

We present you today three modern,simply elegant Prada wallet,which you can buy at online ordering.

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Prada purse made of pink saffian leather

Who can say no?Such a noble Prada wallet would surely find almost every lady happy under the Christmas tree.Completely made from the Prada-typical Saffianoleder, it has a super noble look and is obendrein still practical.Its dimensions are 20 x 11 x 4 cm.Inside it is pink-lined and enthusiastic with a lot of compartments.It can be closed with a gold-shimmering zip-around zipper.

The highly elegant Prada wallet is not only available in pink,but also in black,white,medium blue,purple and red.

With bow – Prada wallet Fiocca Orchidea

Why not show loop?The pretty Prada wallet comes a bit more playful and looks as if it were a small gift!This makes money spending,but also saving fun!It has the dimensions 20 x 10 x 4 cm and is well in the hand.In contrast to the first model, the zip zipper does not even go completely around, but only over two edges.It has the dimensions of 20 x 10 x 4 cm.Inside there are as many slots and several main compartments.On the outside there is an additional outer pocket.The gold-colored metal details and the metal logo logos are noble eye-catchers.The model is currently only available in pink or black.

Prada wallet with print closure

The alternative for those who do not like zippers on their wallets:The Prada wallet Pattina Metal Fuoco.It looks inside like a small nappa bag and allows for a clean accommodation of cash and many cards.However,the coin compartment has a zipper.It is slightly smaller than the other models with its dimensions of 19 x 9 x 2.5 cm.Besides this powerful red you can also have it in red or black.

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