Post Surgical Bra: Your Breasts with Comfort and Support

The breasts that came with us are not always what we want, and that’s fine. The mammoplasty or silicone implant increases the volume of the breast and can provide better contouring or breast symmetry.

This surgery is one of the most requested among women and, despite having fewer complications and a quick recovery, requires a careful essential for everything to be in place. Between such care is the use of post surgical bra.

In addition to the bandages on scar, post surgical bra without lace or hoops, set in the thoracic region, maintains the newly operated breast and helps reduce the swelling of the site. Its use also ensures that the implant will be kept in place until healing is strong enough.

These bras are made of fabrics that do not cause allergy and does not contain metal frame. The use of post surgical bra also relieves the tension of the new weight on the skin. The most recommended models have front opening for easy dressing time, strengthening under the bust and adjustable straps.

The minimum period of use of the post surgical bra is one month, having to also be used for sleep. Consult with your plastic surgeon information regarding bra size for your prosthesis and choose the best option for you! You can also find the related information at

Post surgical bra options Duloren

Bra made in Lycra ® Myrrh with more compression, ideal for post surgery and breasts with silicone. With structured and soft texture, the shape of the breasts, valuing it and giving more firmness. Has no rim, contains fixed and adjustable straps and bracket with graduation. Plus Size Vest.

Fabric bra Skinner Super Power, soft texture respecting the form and size of the breasts. Structured rimless bulge, fixed and adjustable straps. Indicated for post surgical and breasts with silicone. Plus Size Vest.