Polish Pro Nail Polish

Who among us would not want to have a perfect manicure for 14 days? With the glaze semi Polish Pro Trebosi you can!

The Polish Pro enamels are available in as 67 colors ranging from classic, to glitter and pearl to really satisfy all tastes.The great advantage of the semi-permanent polish, as compared with traditional glazes, is the duration in addition to the brightness and the glossy finish that make super bright nails. The semi-permanent enamels however are not all the same and do not have the same yield in terms of resistance or ease of application.

To show you the result that you can get with the glaze semi Trebosi we explain the steps to follow for a correct application with the hue “Where’s the Party?” And we present our evidence and review of these glazes with photos taken after the drafting and two weeks apart.


Before the establishment of semi-permanent polish is important to prepare well because if the nails are properly prepared enamel remains intact throughout its duration.

FIRST STEP: Push the cuticles well with the help of a push cuticles.

SECOND STEP: opaque well the nails with a buffer and dusted well to remove dust.

THIRD STEP: Moisturize the nail with a pad soaked in Nail Pure Plus.


As we already know, before starting the manicure you have to disinfect your hands thoroughly and then follow these simple steps:

FIRST STEP: Spread a thin layer of Base Coat Plus on all fingers and cured 60/90 seconds with a simple UV lamp.

SECOND STEP: Spread a thin layer of color always “Where’s the Party?” And polymerized for 2 minutes.

THIRD STEP: Apply the second color layer of sealing well the tip and polymerized for 2 minutes.

FOURTH STEP: Finally Roll out the Top Coat taking care to seal well the tip and polymerized for 2 minutes.

Wait a few seconds and then with a pad soaked in Cleanse remove the dispersion.

After the manicure massage with oil to cuticles and forth through the nails with a dry pad in order to make them shiny.


After trying Polish Pro Trebosi I can say I am really satisfied with the result! The application is really easy and the different brushes allow a precise drafting. Thanks to their finish and texture are of protecting the nail and making it more resistant.

For optimum coverage it is needed two passes and recommend to polymerize 4 minutes the black and white colors that are the most pigmented.

I was impressed by the performance of the glazes semi Polish Pro Trebosi because they are ultra glossy and especially because remain so for more than 16 days! Their resistance is above average compared to other semipermenenti glazes on the market for two weeks because it is not ruined even a nail, the nail polish has remained completely intact!

After this period of time I proceeded to the removal simply because you could see the natural regrowth of the nail, but otherwise I would have been able to maintain the glaze again for other days.


The Polish Pro nail polish can be purchased at beautygenerate.com.

What do you think of Trebosi glazes? Have you ever tried the semipermanent glaze of this brand? I invite you to do that because I assure you that are of high quality glazes!