Plus Size Winter Fashion: Comfort And Elegance

The plus size segment has grown in recent years due to initiatives such as the emergence of specialized lines including models within this profile in campaigns and parades. Now the brands seek to highlight the curves and the silhouettes that are of the most varied, highlighting the coats for the winter season 2016. The challenge is to bring comfort and elegance in the heavier parts, without leaving the visual pollution or sin by excess fabric, noting that new guidance of valuing plus size woman.

Envelope Modeling

Closing with mooring is the most democratic among the coats, as it allows the adjustment of free-form, respecting the measures of who wears it. In these models, the cross-effect is similar to that of trench coats. The style envelope was explored in different ways by the markings, using mooring attached to the coat, waistband or asymmetric forms on the collar and highlighting on the bar.

Elongated And Straight

The straight is a versatile alternative modeling, dressing elegantly without scoring more bulky body areas. The highlight is the simplicity of the length at the knees. Discreet cuts and trims make casual and elegant piece. Watch out for the pastel colors, bringing femininity for the productions.

Other versions have been proposed for the 2016 winter in length just below the hip, showing a visual now more sporting, now more social, with lapels similar to the Blazers. The pockets on the sides are straight, without volumes and add convenience to parts, while knitwear blends and intense colors let the models with air stripped.

And you, you’ve got coats for this season?