Plus Size Overalls in Elegant and Chic

Some time ago everyone asked me for a plus size jumpsuit and I confess that before I tried this one from Chic & Elegante I doubted I would find one that looked nice on me. The reason? Hips and thighs wide . I found it almost impossible that some overalls would actually favor these features of mine, without tightening, marking or leaving my body disproportionate.

Although I always found this model wonderful and chiquérrimo , I almost gave up calling one of my … Maaas, to prove that, yes, we can (and should) use TU-DO that we like , I discovered a plus size overalls in Chic & Elegant that Has elastic at the waist and the trousers very wide, with the frown top, also large, which helps to balance the two halves of the body and with the bonus of leaving everything soooo comfortable.

If you do not know, Chic & Elegante is a brand that sells on Cancermatters, was one of the first plus sizes online, delivery all over Brazil and has the super comprehensive grid. The numbering goes from 34 to 62 or G8 – my overalls are G1 – and you can pay in up to 4X without interest or in the ticket with 5% discount. Great, is not it?!

So let’s go to the look with the plus size gorgeous overalls from Chic & Elegant:

Another detail I also loved about this piece is the fact that it has two options for neckline : one with the shoulders shown as in the photo below – that makes everything sexier, for a night event, for example – or with the normal collar, like In the photo above, in case you want to do the discreet at work, for example.

The good thing about having a black base on your clothes is that you can wear the accessories and accessories you want, such as sandals, colorful blazers, bracelets, necklaces and flashy rings and scarves. There is a world of possibilities that the plus size black overall offers.And the cool thing about modeling with the elastic at the waist is that it helps to shape your body and let you guitar.A piece to invest for real.

If you still fear or lack the courage to buy parts online , you can rest easy! At Chic & Elegante you can return if you have given up the product, you can change it if it does not fit or did not come according to what you expected!Look at the tips:

Not to be afraid to buy at Chic & Elegant:

  • All pieces have a table of measurements just below them on the screen, where it informs the centimeters of the main parts.My overalls, for example, have 108-112cm of bust, 94-100cm of waist, 118-122cm of hip and 145cm of length.
  • You have a period of up to 7 calendar days (counting from the date of receipt of the product) to request the return or exchange in case of withdrawal of the product, manufacturing defect or product in disagreement with the request made. And up to 30 calendar days to request the exchange if the product did not serve on you! Just contact the Chic & Elegante Call Center , by email, chat or telephone ((11) 2988-0116), to request the exchange or return of the product.The first exchange is free!
  • Your order has a tracking code and as soon as it is shipped you can track where it is.
  • It accepts all the credit cards and also gives to pay by boleto bancário (in case you do not use card online).

Well, that’s it for today, but did you like the look? Do you like plus size overalls ? Tell me everything there in the comments!