Plus Size Leather Skirt

It made you think that rounds were to disappear in their clothing, not catcher because “a big, it’s ugly.” We did believe that the rounds were not allowed to wear skirts above the knee, and even less without tights. It makes you believe that the crop-tops were that for thin. Poppycock! You are beautiful, show it! Dare the leather in large size skirt!

# The scabbard leather skirt

For what morpho: it is suitable for large with a morphology in 8, i.e. those who have a chest and generous hips but the marked size. It will highlight your figure up.

Where: Plus size skirt with real leather found at HeartAttackSkirts! It is available from 48 to 54. Price: €133,80-60%, or € 53,52. Not that expensive for real leather, right?

With what you wear: preferred black shoes downstairs and the door with a top of color, black or white. Leather is a material already worked, it will focus on the senior singles!

When-is what you wear: it is perfect for going to work, because she brings one side tend to your outfit while remaining chic.

# The leather skater skirt

For what morpho: Yes, it’s short! The skater skirt fits small who wish to extend their silhouette and especially, those who assume their legs! It also allows to camouflage the hips.

Where: still real leather found at ASOS Curve, for the modest sum of €35,91 since it is stored-60% ! Available in green from 48 to 56 (€ 47,89) and blue from 50 to 54.

With what you wear: If we’re small, we go on high heels ! Since the skirt attracts attention to your legs, wear with a simple top and close to the body.

When-is what you wear: this afternoon to go for a drink with her friends. They are all jealous!

# The leather miniskirt

For what morpho: still, this model is suitable for small morphologies who assume their legs. But of course, the large can also wear it without any problem. The miniskirt is suitable for the morphos in H, i.e. those who did not too size marked and shoulders and hips aligned!

Where to find: for small budgets, we found a bronze at ASOS leather skirt, to only € 14.08. It’s just the sizes 48, 52,54, 56, so hurry!

With what you wear: since it is colored, it matches it with shoes and a black top. This is the mode of your look room, all eyes should be on it!

When did you wear: evening, to get out, it’s top! We see you.

The leather skirt is a timeless piece of the wardrobe! You can wear it day or night, depending on the material and the color. If you choose real leather, it’s a piece that we will keep for years.

To hell with prejudices who say that leather is vulgar, or that only the thin can wear. There are beautiful leather skirts that can enhance your figure and your forms! Enjoy discounts and rush you so in your favorite brands to find the mode part that will make the difference in your look!