Plus Size Blue Dress Christina Hendricks – XL Dress

Check Out Beautiful Plus Size Blue Dress Options Of Christina Hendricks And Storm In The Club!

Christina Hendricks is an American actress, known internationally for your character in Mad Men, a series of TV. Its beauty is indisputable, being voted by readers of Esquire magazine as the sexiest woman in the world in 2010. Christina Hendricks does not fit in the inhuman standards of thinness of Hollywood. So she and your beautiful blue dress are the inspiration for today’s post.

This plus size blue dress has the royal blue color, which I consider one of the most beautiful shades of blue and that perfectly matches the redhead women. The length of this party dress is elegant and is on the rise, as well as the long sleeves, which emphasize the sophistication of this dress.

Only the neckline is not best suited for women with big breasts. Women with large breasts should not hide them in dresses with cleavage closed, on the contrary, V necklines and large rounded to show much of the lap, not breasts, are the most suitable.

Plus size blue dress tips.

The elements of the plus size dresses are used in favor of women, of your beauty and comfort. The color is undoubtedly a key element, but it is not the only one. Check out some TIPS from of how to choose plus size blue dress:

The dark blue color is super suitable for night ballads, while the light blue is more used by day, classic looks;

Women of all colors are valued by similar shades of blue to royal blue;

In relation to Accessories, the colors silver, aged black and gold are the best. For bolder looks, an accessory or shoe with vivid colors is interesting;

In makeup, not to miss, prefer a mixture of Brown shades with light bright silvery luster. Lipsticks nudes or clear are great choices;

Always opt for dresses with modeling that value their positives and hide the negatives. Prefer lightweight fabrics and trim, mainly in the region of the skirt;

The neckline is essential for harmony’s look, as well as to draw the attention of the belly, the focus becomes the face, which must be highlighted by a beautiful makeup;

I prefer V-neckline as if adapted to any kind of bust, especially the larger ones;

Avoid a fully glued modeling, prefer those that highlight their strengths;

Strapless models can be used by those who have small or medium breasts;

Dresses that have marked waist are ideal to highlight the curves of harmonic way.

With these tips on how to choose plus size blue dress and models below, you’re going to raze!

Models Plus Size Blue Dress
#1 Plus Size Blue Dress

This plus size dress blue is one of the simplest shown here, that’s one of the most versatile, ideal for day to day. The highlight of this dress is the rent on his lap, who values the region and highlights small breasts and the waist.

It is worth mentioning that you can highlight even more the waist using a belt, but it is recommended to use thin belts, which do not give volume to the body, or flatten the silhouette.

#2 Plus Size Blue Dress

This plus size dress blue uses the income trend and transparency to create a sophisticated look, sexy and connected. Note that using the rent if you can show more of the body, without being vulgar.

In addition, the heart is super feminine neckline and let the Navy blue dress more romantic. The waist can be marked, as it is this that harmonizes the look in most dresses.

#3 Plus Size Blue Dress

This plus size blue dress has on print your fun strong point, creating various designs with the small balls. Note that this dress plus size modeling is different from the others, here she is very fluffy, not checking the waist, but the length is much shorter. Thus, the modeling and the length balance.

#4 Plus Size Blue Dress

This plus size dress is the most formal of blue dresses shown here, being ideal for a cocktail party or business meeting, because it passes the image of a woman safe, cool and strong. Its average length is one of the current trends.

In addition, the discreet V-neckline is ideal for appreciating the cervix or by a paste. But what draws the most attention are the satin bands on the left and right edges, creating in the Center and waist bands singing and lengthen the silhouette.

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